Many assume how can i get a loan to pay off my payday loans science is truth. Science is facts preferentially presented for public consumption to promote a worldview one believes. This closely parallels public presentation of interests in other fields. We remember how coconut oil & eggs were deemed harmful. Heart overrules the mind for good & bad. “Good I know I do not”, is how one wise man said it. What about a new field Hearty-Culture in a day of “haughty culture, horticulture, Haute coulter .

Dr Jerry Bergman – Most of the known cases of modern-day fraud are in the life sciences. In the biomedical field alone, fully 127 new misconduct cases were lodged with the Office of Research Integrity (US Department of Health & Human Services) in the year 2001. This was the third consecutive rise in the number of cases since 1998. This concern is not of mere academic interest, but also profoundly affects human health and life. Much more than money and prestige are at stake—the fact is, fraud is ‘potentially deadly’, and in the area of medicine, researchers are ‘playing with lives’. The problem is worldwide. In Australia misconduct allegations have created such a problem that the issue has even been raised in the Australian Parliament, and researchers have called for an ‘office of research integrity

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Religion of Evolution (RE) believes in a better after life – this is called the “punctuation in the equilibrium” when the universe makes a blind quantum leap to improve itself. It is speculated that the world has leaped forward from epoch to epoch by this method. Every unbridgeable gap in Phyla came about by this method asserted Stephen J Gould one of the best brains of Evolution. Another school asserts that it is oscillating Universe systems that help in this “eschatological” leap science has to evoke just like religion. “It will be better in the next life”. Various sects of the RE have internecine warfare. For instance one group asserts man came from the pig because the molecular biology of Pig DNA is closer to human DNA than is ape DNA. Similar wars were fought by proponents of Australopithecus & Homo habilis. Being a religion it makes increasingly more outlandish claims unproved in any laboratory of the world. Any new scientific evidence that surfaces that mitigates RE is quickly sent underground or redefined. The evolutionary tree of Homo sapiens gets mutilated and plastically doctored every few years. Academics who provide contrary evidence are excommunicated from Scientific journals and are sent to the scientific guillotine. Very religious behaviour.  Ben Stein – Intelligence Expelled


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