Day 2



We capture today the wonder get money online of a child. Joy expressed. Gratitude & gladness. Loving hugs – love received & given. Delightful frankness – that sometimes embarrass adults. Nothing to hide – loving to share. Expecting good. Utterly depending on parental goodness. Bringing out sacrifice & altruism in us. Thank God for his wisdom – we risk life to bear & rare a child. It’s all about succession – that is success.  Many generations will arise to call you blessed. Pain of birth is forgotten – joy overflows.

Empty Chairs at personal collateral loans Empty Tables by Les Miserables Cast77

“Here they talked of revolution. – Here it was they lit the flame.
Here they sang about `tomorrow’ – And tomorrow never came”.
We reject our fathers & attempt revolution promising better light from our new lamps. We criticise the old & others & profess that our brand of the new is the real thing. We try white coconut oil or Virgin olive oil. We get a much better clay lamp with the best porcelain. Yet our problem is 24 green street payday loan not the oil but my wick charred with soot. We see other’s smoke not realising that it’s smoke from our charred past. Last error we were unwilling to admit or clean up. “My wick – never is black. Your wick is always black”. So people & races suffocate in the smoke they produce – choke up on their own soot. But blame alien powers – or neighbour. Not so us – we will trim our wick, fill our oil & shine.





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