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  1. 1.      Bridge of Life
  2. 2.      Incarnation – God is Now Here
  3. 3.      Luke as Historian &Apologetics of the Crucifixion
  4. 4.      Crucifixion & Blood Moon
  5. 5.      Resurrection – Fact or Fiction. Hoax or History
  6. 6.      Daniel’s Prophecy
  7. 7.       King Solomon, Serendib, Cinnamon & Isaiah, the Prophet
  8. 8.      Textual Criticism – Error of Da Vinci Code



I entered Colombo Medical Faculty from St Thomas’ College, Mt Lavinia, as the first in the island in the GCE A/L examination. Six Thomians entered Medical Faculty that Year; an all time record. My father was an atheist – so I fancied myself to be one – being reinforced by Darwinian Evolution.

In the year 1971 I met my wife Hiranthi, I also met Tony who played chess with me & attempted to convince me that the Bible was true. I rejected him with scorn but was persuaded to read the Book of Genesis & the Gospel of John – in order  to argue with Tony while playing chess. Needless say I was arrogant & conceited.

Reading through the Gospel of John chapter 8, I came to the story of the woman caught in the act of adultery facing execution by stoning to death. Combative, argumentative I saw myself as one of her accusers – stone in hand, tongue in cheek. That same week  I had an argument with Hiranthi which ended in a rupture of our fledgling relationship – impossible me.  The Woman’s story with her accusers hand raised with stone arrested my attention. Jesus seems to come alive from the pages of the book (Bible) and spoke to my heart – “you are like that. That attitude is not good. Put your stone down”. No one had spoken to me in that vein! Good student, obedient son, never in trouble. I knew the diagnosis was true. My condescending behaviour  & speech towards others came up before me vivid.

“How can Jesus know me like that? He is dead. How can He speak to me now?” these were my thoughts when I met Tony. He asked me – why silent. I shared with him what was going on deep in my heart

“How can Jesus speak to me like that?”

He is alive – said Tony

“No he is dead. In my hometown they all wear black on Good Friday & the Passion the scene is enacted. Jesus is dead”.

“Lalith, he died but on Easter Sunday He came back to life”.

“I know Easter. In my hometown, many get drunk on Easter Sunday & they slaughter pigs & eat”. Where as My father was a teetotaller & rationalist.

“May be. But Easter is the day on which Christians celebrate that Jesus arose from the dead”.

I wanted to say sorry to Hiranthi. How could I – I may repeat my arrogant behaviour.  I asked Tony for help. He said you can pray & ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart, and that is what I did. Instant change was that my razor sharp mind which was filled with chemistry came to rest! I changed and  a

journey began. Incidentally I apologised to Hiranthi. I graduated as the first in my batch. Hiranthi also obtained three first classes in her law college exams. We are now happily married for 38 years. Our only daughter, Hiranthini, a medical doctor lectures in a State Medical Faculty & her husband, Jehan, is also a medical doctor. We have two grandchildren – Nathan & Danica. By the grace of God we have never looked back. My research work included Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Migraine, Epilepsy, Parkinsonism, Aspirin like drugs & ADHD.

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