Once I Was Young & Handsome

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Once I was Young & Handsome

Once A Daughter – Always One

I bless you Nathan

Once I was young handsome, seen life’s many seasons Methinks I’m God’s gift serving having many reasons
Once so supple weathering storms adorning the roadside
Now I’m a gnarled twisted old tree to be soon set aside

Homo sapiens’ short memory gratitude in swift decline
I was there for Independence & for terrorism’s demise
I’ve seen the motherland thru triumph, trial & tragedy
I’ve seen foul & fair, valiant & vile, political comedy

Wise Designer gave me leaves to help the water cycle
Even when they die & fall they help humus to recycle
Unique factory I am taking in CO2 emitting oxygen
Giver of life to man and beast, present in every region

The children stand in my shade on their way to learn
Sun or rain they know I am a trusted friend, I yearn
Their future be prosperous and innocence preserved
Ways of adults, from many corruptions, O Lord saved

Some treat me hard, chop my arms off, ne’er saying sorry
I yet bless, as they carve me to shapes of beauty no worry
Some do worse, chop me for firewood ecology’s bane
Yet I forbear, the poor earn a living, my loss their gain

Vendor’s rubbish pollutes my domain ne’er stop to clear
Betel chewer makes me his spittoon, growing oral cancer
Some pour free urea I become public amenity of stench
Lies of political promises hang on me as banner stretch

Just the other day rude young tree arose by me
It’s an age they honour not seniority or dignity
Young upstart pushes me aside in haste progress
Climb somehow to top notch force senior regress

The father of our nation planted me by Kantale reservoir
I have seen my children racially hateful killing each other
My innings very long, I can hardly hear or see, yet I long
Boys & girls who stood in my shade in one nation belong

This my last Ode to my land of birth, love & labour, Lanka
Bulldozers busy, development has arrived, farewell Lanka
I am falling my roots cut, will I be a beam in a rich mansion
Nay I rather be a boat that ferries all races across the nation

My distant relative of yore had precious unique privilege
When Jews of old hung Him on a tree crying sacrilege
If I could have been chopped up next payday advance reviews to bear the King of kings
I’d rather be the tree of Calvary than make a palanquin

Bundle of life red & fair curly head so adorable
Born in a poor provincial Government hospital
To a Mary & Joseph struggling for ends to meet
Doctor in Govt service, lawyer without a brief

SMA too costly Lactogen blue was our friend
Even to get that a hunt, to keep her well fed
Whines gave way to laughter serious sixth month
Prayer was the medicine, blessing of God wealth

Dreaded febrile convulsions – little body wracked
Out of breath & blue, our hearts with sorrow hacked
O God save my one & only, the mother’s hoary cry
Heard the Father above, who came to heal & revive

Precious gift with divine purpose we had to raise
Bread & milk, not much more, besides God’s grace
Angels were her friends even in the dark mud hut
So did heaven come to kiss our girl love ne’er shut

Blossomed a sweet flower in God’s pretty garden
We stewards were, to wend off the serpent of Eden
Three four five to ten years quickly took flight
In maternal alma mater, where they scatter light

Always first in class a paternal attribute displayed
Music & singing talented, from heaven grace came
Teeny was swiftly becoming a graceful young lady
Perfectionist a maternal endowment, one could see

God first, devotion taught godly rules govern
Godly virtues contrary to peers she had to learn
Generation Gap – what’s that we were friends together
Fast friends we still are – Daughter now a mother

But I am running ahead, many interludes to fawn
A/level success medical faculty the day did dawn
Unbeknown to us was a Prince Charming champion
God was forging a gentle giant one in a billion

Many nights we drove her for the medical training
Physiology, Pharmacology distinctions gathering
Wonderful record to match her father’s accolade
Grand day of graduation all too soon we celebrate

Jehan patiently waited His great day arrives bright
There ne’er was a daughter doing everything so right
Do we loose our daughter or gain a precious son
That is the wonder -son goes away she adds one

Walking down the isle voice breathes o’er Eden
Dew drops on the roses two come to the garden
Eyes of love Perfect match is made in heaven
None to sully keep them blessed free from leaven

Time passes by love is consummated patience keeps
Forty weeks a life grows hearing mother’s heart beats
Shrill cry tells the world red & fair bonny boy arrives
personal loan places in fayetteville nc Cycle is complete happiness all around mother strives


I bless you Nathan every hour of the day
I bless you every day of your life’s way
It’s blessing of a full & adoring heart
From Parpie to grand putha choicest part

Taking his first faltering steps
Seeking adventure & thrills
“The world’s mine to conquer
Air fills with the trumpet I muster”
Agile on all fours

Poking into every plug hole
Sleep my only enemy
Fun & games are so many
Sofa seat my Everest to climb
Boundaries of my play pen to defy
Bath tub is an ocean without waves
Grandma expects me to behave

I am the show – all else actors
Feed time half in and half out
More the merry, I keep ‘em entertained
Boundless energy keeps me sustained
Am I not the monarch of all I survey

Whose afraid of “Dandy” “bow wow” in the cage
Morning stroll is Parpie’s tryst anew
Birdies and flowers, leaves have dew
I see his first day in school by the sea
Three generations it will be in STC
I see his wide brow ev’n now professorial
Engage studies & quiz, dress sartorial

Handsome fair a problem I foresee
Maternal eye will watchman be
Faith apologetics I like to impart
Fight the good fight playing your part
Nathan’s height in the 97 th percentile

I see a gentle giant’s future smile
Parpie and Marmie helped up the stairs
Spirit and Mind a superb blend so rare
Peter’s bravado Paul’s intellect to match
John’s compassion James’ practical knack
Father’s gentle princely charm displayed
Mother’s attachment so well portrayed

Soaking in the anointing he knows so well
Stretching out tiny hand any head to bless
Raising hands “Praise the Lord” & smile
Apostle’s roar adds to prophet’s bright eye

He today is days thee sixty five
Years will swiftly run one to five
To us the best will be the first blest year
When from heaven God gave a son so dear
Nathan thinks I’ve nothing else to do

But to kiss & walk him generally coo
But for the onerous task of mission
This I’d love to with great passion
Thus in eternity Father will do for us
Now we’re rat racing in earthly fuss

Or for many moments to be hugged & kissed
By those who love us before they’re missed
Spirit of poverty works very hard
To climb the summit our eyes have cast
I want more what I have is nothing
So the mirage drives us to the brink

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