New Poems 5

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Nations Laugh – in their Father’s Face

It Will Rub On You My Son

I watched them ……

Person & People, Nation & City
Get their personhood & personality
From the Loving God of our Destiny
Who gives all- belonging & identity

Some are technos who machines craft
Others excel in music, drama or Art
Left brain latter right brain former
All are endowed for this that or other
Few are brilliant- lead being choleric,
Others middle manage phlegmatic
Set standards -Teachers are training
Holding the balance Being sanguine
Speculators become entrepreneurs
Hospitality & mercy HR directors
Seven kinds of persons seven aptitudes
Latitude determined by your attitudes

USA energetic pioneer entrepreneur
Bravado misplaced is warmonger
Once the land of freedom fighters
Sad & vile immorality peddlers

Germany geometric philosophical
All in rectangles macho fisted
Thinkers par excellence
In music, theology or science
God of Luther, Mozaert & Kant
Mighty fortress is He

Britain ‘s Majesty Her architecture bespeaks
Empire on which the Sun did finally cease
Anchor of soul lost – HMS Britain adrift
Child mind up for grabs philosophical shift

French famed for passion & wine
Finesse finery etiquette your delight
Endless wars hot blood revolution
More the merrier hedonism confusion

Latin America gyrates to Samba rhythm
Soccer their life blood genetic in the system
Canada lover of peace uneasily breathes
Near Big Bro faltering with Samsonian shrieks

Russia for cold endurance
A soul refused to die
Lenin Stalin now Putin wrest
Fail to crush her spiritual quest
Grand dame of literature
Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Gorky
You live again Russia with love
Thy God has planned good for thee

Sleeping Giant of Asia Awake
Carbon puffing many an earthquake
Multiplied millions span the globe
US China in strangling debt yoke

Japan the land of the rising sun
Fathers absent distressed sons
Ash to industry arose like Phoenix
Workaholics killing nation’s spirit

Many other lands for a bard to harp
Yet Switzerland beauty like no other
You gave us Edelweiss chocs & cheese
Cross thy emblem Lion thy redemption

India love not lost across the Palk Strait
Rope tricks aplenty little Lanka’s fate
Singh and Sonia unusual fair moderates
A world by herself – Bharat Queen of fetes

Sri Lanka Serendib Seylan Taprobane
Pearl of Indian Ocean no more bane
Cinnamon for Solomon even Gold
Peacocks too – famed for sandalwood
God blessed rivers – many jewels glow
Lanka, May thy spirit thy Maker know

… So it’s good to follow long before leading

It rubs on you – Your father’s way
For good & for bad they hold sway
Take care elder what you give away
In habits, methods, tics they do stay

Observe your senior as he locates
The outer lowermost point
Of cardiac impulse palpates
Gentle percussion to emulate
Bedside manners clinical etiquette
Besides the textbooks
And advanced techniques
Make the medical man

Integrity incisive honour of word
Rather than invective made the law
Barrister solicitor strode like colossus
Judges of renown hallowed the precincts
Chambers installment loans in california camaraderie legislators born
It will rub on you my son – sit & observe

Before you run watch them
On their mark they strain
Not how you begin
But breasting the tape
Not to the swift the race
Never depart from grace

There’s a stroke & a style
Not cricketers swearing vile
Precision of a Gavaskar
Penchant of Bradman
Rhythm more than force
Cricket teaches of course
Timing is all in life & game
Be patient then comes fame

I’ll be like my father
Said the adoring son
Often had the senior
Many an accolade won
Come dad play ball with me
No son it’s a meeting for me
Come dad let’s go to beach
No son I’ve too much to reach
Adoring son followed
In the footsteps of fame
Chip of the old bloc he became
Tables do turn time flies
Father with grey hair
No more in limelight
Son we’ve made dinner
Will you come around
No dad just like my father
I’m so busy famed like you
(Tone down – Take a count)

Compass said – stay the course
Mentor coach teachers concourse
Teach with proper syntax grammar
Use prefixes suffixes in right order
Teach by parable compare contrast
Punctuation is the essence of life
Keep the rules abide by the laws
Healthy lines or life removing flaws

Impetuous Peter walked with Him
avaricious Matthew tax exempting
Simon Zealot rubbed o’er by Grace
Sons of thunder change their ways
Fishermen of crude Galilean dialect
Made into gracious ready intellect
Wherever He walked dusty streets
His presence rubbed on dire needs
My son walk with me it’s the best
For your future & destiny’s tryst
My yoke is easy my burden light
Vision of glory will fill your sight

Lest you stone me to death
With criticism so brilliant
Become my inquisitors
Making entertainment of misery
Great read & look see
for the care free
Learn why road is my home

I watched them come
Take my brother blindfolded
He’s gone many years
Buried alive in grave unknown
Made of drugs & digitals

I watched them come
My father bamboozled
Only sense to earn profit
For someone else
In ruthless modern slavery
Of the Corporate armoury

I watched them come
Make my mother so chic
Always in the gym
Keeping up with
Every fashion whim
Powders & pastes
Makes her blaze

I watched them rob My garden green
Concrete slabs, huge pillars & beam
Babylon in making majestic scrapers
Pressed out of breath by all the traders

I watched them bend the truth I knew
Out of the windows sincerity flew
Cooked the news retailing glamour
Globally youth & Innocence suffer

I watched the corals die
Oceans polluted protesting
GM foods breed monsters
Agrochemicals poison the waters
Who’ll speak up for the poor
Downtrodden relegated to the sewer
Food he produced snatched from farmer
Seed & fertilizer become the money earner
Vitamins are to be patented for high profit
Vaccines suspicious ill health money remits
Man’s last gasps greedy grabby hands
Squeezing life, liberty & resource
Leave nothing for progeny
Impoverished earth
Saviour it’s time
To come.

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