New Poems 2

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Bipeds & Quadrupeds


Father & Son Together They Walk

I am a celebrity in Sinhala folklore Famed for bringing folks low
Aesop’s fables celebrate me
Crook more than hook methods
Methinks king of the jungle
But my trumpet sound gave me away
Has now become the Jatika Geeya
of the University Protests peraliya
Main actor in M Kumaratunga’s
Magul Kaama going awry

Pride of the jungle National bird
Makes my race just like me
I am more brilliant than my partner
Though in exhibition naked I be
Purple cock strutting then
Not useful as the humble hen

In many a culture they eulogise
Not me but how not to be like me
We have our charm & our poison
Charmed poison we’re in the Garden
Like me under the grass they say
When man, man would betray
‘tis unfair, I never sting my own kind
Which all often they do in human kind
Graceful but made to bite the dust
Old score I have to settle mistrust
I am a buddy to the gypsy man
Helping him from mouth to hand
I come in many sizes, colors & animus
Some do no harm, others are venomous

Far & wide In Asian cultures
I’m compared to vacillators
Once was a tough match betwixt
Mammals & birds in pretty fix
My ancestor jumped sides
Turncoat takes other for rides
They also compare the blind to me
They heap on me only calumny
In man forsaken caves I reside
Eerie tales of me commonly recite
You reader being wise perhaps as an owl
By now you know my squeaky growl

I am man’s friend mostly
Rarely I behave rabidly
Growl when powerful
Howl when fearful
As Marxists do –
We help men reduce cholesterol
On their morning stroll
More so ladies play their aces
Making us to run their races
On fashion they embark
Making trade on our bark

Australopithecus science conjuror’s trick
Neanderthal man my cousin with big brain
Piltdown was a hoax by DJ Dubois
Prehistoric man is one from Arabian Nights
Darwin , Huxley created me from Apes
Time & chance miracles are mere capers
Created in Higher Image like Him to be
I am at my best with Him in camaraderie

Zeal burns like fire
Fuelled by desire
Passions rage for sure
He foams with no cure
Deep in the human breast
Man seethes without rest
It burns him & scars
Insatiate, dissatisfied
Ambition soars high
Makes a leap sky high

He has burning set in his soul
Since man did from glory fall
Base desire and anti God rage
Makes this the Sodom ‘s age
God of suffering watches in pain
Can they not from a Father gain
Sense & sensibility, truth & grace
Living free as brothers of one race

Burn for fame & name is the game
Consuming many by raging flame
payday loans georgia no credit check Generational gap who is to Blame
Hurting each other & much shame

Flame consumes modesty
Thrown to winds decency
Friendships faltering fickle
Loyalty trust broken brittle
They’re so young but wasted
There so pretty but ruthless
Money is the motive
Flashy methods furtive

Our glory turns gore
when God’s no more
it’s His glory – we get to share
in our haste we badly fare
burning for sports academics
burning for thrills or frolics
digital dazzle dupes & dopes
entertaining morals kill
reverence for sex laughed at
early death the price paid
father awaits a return
Let His love Burn

Can we recover values
A life well spent I muse
Teach another generation
Truth, and reconciliation
God in all our thought
Man given to less boast
Father, dawn that day
We walk a better way
when earth will rest
races give of their best
brothers take swords no more
earth restored child smiles glow
fathers arise – sons daughters honour
home your nest – make us safe mother
our hearts are yearning
minds are pining
to regain the loss
of our humanity

Father and son wearily tread
Dusty road seeking some trade
balancing table & to sell a bed
carpentry makes their daily bread

Once in Galilee for rich fishermen
Joseph & Son made boat equipment
Sharing marks & woe of lowly labour
Into our toil & dust came the Creator

Father & son out of caste need job
Stoop low to make shoes for the mob
Dirty hands & grimy face, paid so low
Son emulates father stitches in a row

Zebedee & sons by the Sea of Galilee
Fathers & sons yet live by the industry
Peril daily portion hardened and tough
For other’s profit their life is so rough
Rustom & Shorab or Sinha & Bahu
Ccome to us from mythical past
Father & son in mortal combat
Dhatusena & Kassyapa our own version
Mayadunne & Rajasinghe the Parricide
Coming down the generations

Father runs an ace corporate crown won
Don’t’ leave me far behind cries the son
Give me please time- place by your side
Time flies champions change tables turn
“Son wait for me” – I want to catch up
No dad ‘tis my turn to burn- glory shine

Older father climbing with young son
Isaac with wood, ascent to Moriah done
Knife in hand, flame carried by father
What can it be – heaven & he wonder

On the same Mt a father buys the plot
David’s son Solomon ascends the slot
Wonder of ancient world resplendent
Grand sacrifices & majesty attendant

Dust returns to brow it had to be Moriah
Father’s wooden scaffold for Son Messiah
Knife of separation – pain of searing loss
Flame descends on the Lamb on the Cross

God made the world for fathers & sons
Pharaohs & vassals we’ve made it run
Experts, perverts, crooks roam the globe
Paternity rejected filial rebellion aboard
Return Father to heal your insane brood
Once again elder to son reconcile for good

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