Mirrored Boulevard

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Footprints in the Sands of Times

Vulnerable – Then & Now
The Paradox of The Nativity

Fashioned out of the dust of the ground
Breathed His Spirit, a soul made sound
He chose to live for body, mind pleasure
Abdicating the higher spiritual treasure

Then he knew man & wife made marriage
Now he thinks man & man or women engage
Professing to be wise much we’ve missed
Children doomed death of good we’ve kissed

Some hunted food others harvested grain
God to just & unjust gives the needed rain
If God is fair why should there be pain
Because man grabs more than his gain

Tribal patriarchs gave way to nation kings
Feudal lords held land & serf in iron rings
Emperors exult, slaves built the monuments
Records misery as great civilized moments

Great Areopagus Roman arena’s glory gore
Telemachus in Protest pierced thru as a boor
Modern Formula One revs up hunger pang
Starvation & Greedy excess poor harangue

Written on broken bones on the sands of time
Rare human altruism mostly wanton crime
Abortion kills beats Stalin, Pol Pot terror wars
Last trump will yet defeat evil human mores

Industrial revolution, digital dazzle, market mania
Man runs the rat race, hypnotics for global insomnia
Dubai’s skyscrapers silent, recession hits the globe
Time’s ripe for a stethoscope to do an internal probe

Into the abyss of slum dog, is born a Babe so gentle
Monarch of Universe wraps in lowly human mantle
Defying religious decrees & despot’s raging tyranny
Cross of Jesus & empty tomb’s triumphant rhapsody

Footprints on the sands of time all can now follow
Prince or pauper, Einstein or unwise surely mellow
Jesus of Nazareth, Colossus above time & Space
We worship you Saviour, God of glory & grace

Violated Vulnerable Helpless Babe of Bethlehem
Wrapped in rags Incarnates in sad human mayhem
Oxen drool – malodorous dung with Tetanus bacillus
Omniscient Timeless, He chose lowly human campus

I serve My Father’s interest going about His Business
Wise men confounded smart Theologians distressed
Feeding the hungry, comfort to outcast, sinners saved
Herod raged, Priest outraged, common man’s Friend

Single parents Abused bruised children rough & rude
Foster care, public schools breed multiple killer brute
Malnourished, war orphans, infants- make them room
“Bring them to Me” He said, bring out of dark tomb

I hear their cry, I feel their fear, hunger pangs I know
I once lived in a carpenter’s home in poor man’s woe
Tearful eyes saw, rich had much to spare and waste
Poor rejoice if a morsel of bread they have to taste

Childhood labour well I know in the carpentry shed
Slaving children, calloused hands bodies not well fed
Poor toiled in Galilee that rich have more than need
Man oppresses fellow man injustice in the work field

Give them sea & sand, streams, rivers and flowers
Give them homes & liberty, bright colourful hours,
Children live to laugh & dance in the rhythms of life
O Father save them from adult rifts, snipes 1 hour payday loan no credit check & strife

Roman tax & religious tax common man oppressed
Carry my bag, boots, spear- soldier the child pressed
Priests had guards, Caiaphas & Pilate to kill Conspire
Exterminate Common Threat to their vaunted empire

Darwin, Evolution, De Vries Mutation – God or gold?
Marx, Freud, Nietsche claim death of God very bold
Dawkins deluded, Hawking theorises time wax great
Shattered families, existential illusions sorry apostate

Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar Empires rise, shine and fall
Now no more Iron, Bamboo curtain feared Berlin Wall
Napoleon Hitler Despots mark history’s scarred hall
Voice of cheer, Hand of Mercy Above, works thru it all

Shylock in business sub prime debt rolls cash to crash
Farmers impoverished agrochemicals kill make trash
Entertainment gone foul, anaesthetized with glamour
Children, God’s precious heritage none will consider

Modern Pharaohs come with drugs, vaccines & advert
Parents snared, baby’s health by ruse abuse they subvert
Prescriber enriched – willing pawn in this dirty gamble
O God come back to heal humanity- evidence is ample

Born in vassal nation under Rome’s might & jack boot
Minority in our own land, violence gore who’ll uproot
Courts cook justice, law bends to exculpate the guilty
Kangaroo court tried Me sore, adding insult to injury

Babe to manhood I walked in humanity’s ravaged earth
In the Middle East between black & white was my birth
Touched by infirmity, I know their pain, Crucified to heal
Resurrected, I come again as Sovereign, injustice kneel

“Races long severed love shall unite”, foul turns to fair
Justice & Peace reign, Sword will turn to plough share
Mercy & truth for atonement, righteousness kiss peace
Cross gives jurisdiction, wars to cease & love increase

The Uncreated being – took fetal from in a Virgin’s womb.
The source of life -came to share our troubled life.
The Infinite -took finite form.
God who is spirit -took corporeal limit.
The Eternal Reason -became a fledgling Person.

He who inhabits eternity -became temporate in human history.
He who is Omnipresent, and transcendent – became space – dependent.
He who is Unchanging and Immortal – became decayable and mortal.
He whose throne is the heavens, the earth His footstool – was cradled in a manger where oxen drool.

He whose glory spawns the galaxies – came to a stable in Bethlehem’s alleys.
He who designed and owns the created order – was born a pitiable, lowly pauper.
He who is clothed in light inaccessible and brilliant – opted to be strapped in swaddling vestment.
Undisputed Omnipotent Sovereign of the vast creation – became an undefended infant in a vassal nation.

The one Excellent in Holiness – was willing to appear in the likeness of sinfulness.
The Great Architect of the starry echelon – was willing to be called the carpenter’s Son.
He who was unimpeachable in purity – was willinlg to be accused of being illegitimate progeny.

The Lord of Hosts, the Eternal King – was threatened with death by a despotic king.
The Foundation of all wisdom and knowledge – was willing to be taught under earthly tutelage.
He who was rich became poor for us – that we might become rich by His grace.

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