Minds Breath to Ages Dead

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Agony & Ecstasy

I cannot but Reminisce

Is this my son
Decades Whiz Past

I took aim from heaven to earth
Asked the Father what to do
“Go be a Babe in Bethlehem
Born of the Virgin’s womb”

Fetal form in mother’s womb
Unlikely home for Creator God
One among us He came to dwell
In the dirt, dust and dregs

I took aim from earth to heaven
Who can bridge the howling gap
Justice of God and hurt of man
In one stroke to meet and match

Then I saw the cross come down
From the Father for the Son
With it came a cup so bitter
Gethsemane thorns & stripes

Roman whip and Jewish wit
Did the Son of Man to death
Politics & religion strange bedmates
Couldn’t stop Heaven’s Best

Prince of Life hung in agony
Nailed thru the wrist bones
Asphyxiating gasping breaths
‘This the way the rabid dog dies

Rabid with rage blinded by pride
Vengeance of man on Him was laid
Right heart failed Him crucified
Capital punishment for me He paid

Who nailed me to the cross
Was it the Romans or the Jews
It was the love of God for man
Kept me hanging the Slain Lamb

Cross opened a door to hades
Defeating sin death & disease
Man’s injustice to man I bore
Reconciled restored foe no more

Cross offers hope to all mankind
To Father’s heart & His House
No more orphans slaves rebels
Adopted as beloved love revels

Wealth power & Philosophies
Failed causing untold miseries
O Home sapiens ’tis a better day
Christ the Truth, Life & the Way

I remember a land of bounty & serenity
Where grey head easily earned dignity
Honour well thy father & dear mother
That life be long considering each other

Teacher taught student for love & not lucre
Doctor practised as friend guide & mentor
Law administered to exculpate the innocent
Politics art of the possible genteel, decent

John Maynard Keynes’ demand over supply
Consumerism mega circus now running dry
Resources for Three hundred years and more
Gobbled up in thirty years of orgy rage furor

A man built slowly his house upon the Rock
Goodly in his house none allowed to mock
Another built his house quickly on the sand
Practicing vile wiles – every sleight of hand

Rock man’s children well tutored in fatherhood
Every good grace, virtue sanity & servanthood
Sand man’s kids are but a chip of the old block
Shady deals maverick deeds often in the dock

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Virtue veracity rectitude honour nobility
In the Generational war became sad casualty
Pomp pageantry grandiloquent glitter fantasy
Politics cooked justice medical poly-pharmacy

Hippocrates groans in the grave a troubled soul
Righteous man a nuisance queer pestilential mole
Machiavelli enthroned as the vaunted model role
Casanova & Sodom blush at the immorality ball

Sons & Daughters greener pastures sought
Reckless modern morals evil havoc wrought
Parents reminisce fading nostalgic memories
Aching for short visit with year end revelries

Thanikama danila illuwa mama kale tikak
Manala dunna diyani mata minittu vissak
Should I reject or take this injury insult
Tyranny of the urgency is the sad result

Warming up the globe with abuse gas emission
Melting polar caps threat no possible solution
Wiser too late Homo sapiens in frantic agitation
Will God “who may be” send mercy remission

Chip of the old block my son be
Born on a day of rage and fury
God’s gift for a mom’s comfort
On the day bomb blew in the Fort

Your father slaughtered by marauders
Whom some say are liberation fighters
Slashed to pieces attending on the sick
Life snuffed out from a bright wick

Temptations many, widowed young
Women breadwinner hero unsung
Chastity a battle my body ne’er sold
Calloused hands my tale of woe told

Your father was not there to see
Your brother a victim of tire fury
You often asked when shall it be
I would avenge the killing spree

My Podi Putha always so serious
About our nation’s woes imperious
Keen to see sister thru education
Faithful to advance our generation

Sacrificing his future, nation his pride
The day comes I am not by his side
Knowing not a son ne’er more homely
Empty shell but for photos -sigh daily

A boy who went for combat training
A man returned matured menacing
Is this my son who fed at my breast
Raging jittery in his soul no rest

I see him rarely between bloody battles
Decorated highly something rattles
Eyes so haunted distant and lonely
My son are you yet there once so cuddly

Pooneryn, Paranthan & Elephant Pass
Then defeats, now victories rally fast
Then comes Kilinochchi prized catch
Moment of triumph what can match

All Sons of Lanka, her many daughters
No more combatants, comrades partners
Civilians of Wanni secured come home
This the victory makes my heart warm

My brave Son, your mother from south
Here’s the secret. it never left my mouth
Your father is northern, felled so young
Bloods of two races flow in you as one

O God return my sons to fraternity
Pleads Mother Lanka and all maternity
We aren’t to be a nation of brutality
Famed again Lanka for serendipity

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Restorer of Streets Repairer of Breach
God blessed vision President will reach
Heart of a father, Lord grant him resolve
Deep hatred much blood, O God absolve

I was fifteen vital vigorous visionary
Cricket & studies unmatched culinary
World’s the limit, so much to achieve
Student of medicine, I’m only eighteen

Evolution & Darwin were my tenets
Mind changed with wisdom vignettes
God must be – mathematical necessity
Heart warmed up with rare humility

I am not the centre of the universe, God is
Man not the measure of all things, He is
Matter, machines & molecules aren’t all
Ultimate Reality rules in this cosmic ball

Never the second, bend before none
Brain to match ambition, trophies won
Heart smitten, life’s choice was made
God the matchmaker gives soul mate

Law & Medicine excellent combination
Academic excellence potent intoxication
Egolatria turns to reverent true adoration
Pursuit & purpose make radical alteration

Twenty eight & youth becomes the man
Rubber hits the road ambitious flames fan
I know what I want there’s a fire in the eye
Soul is set, tougher it gets the higher I fly

Thirty five is life’s midpoint examination
Hurt, hate, horror, hexes and humiliation
Genes & gavel we pass to next generation
Are you satisfied in your progeny succession

Forty five, pace unabated, rushing to the top
Teens & twenties clamour, “father for us stop”
Much achieved yet more to gain now on fifty
Many goals, targets – sight set yet more lofty

Some go wrong wife of youth forsake
Long hours at work family at stake
Secy more sweet than the mate at home
Corporate man a machine one day worn

At fifty five my race briefly stalled
For Nathan a little wonder enthralled
On 21st July 2008 arrived grand son
Bundle of energy, vital full of fun

Morning strolls I now do for him
Showing the plants naming the flowers
I’m still a busy man but time for precious
“You ne’er did for me”, my daughter comments

Silly it is, I want him to remember me
Recognize my voice even on the phone
My early am whistle, signature tune of Parpie
His smell so sweet milk sweat & cungie

An intense spirit strong in will & whim
Child the father of man he seems to mean
His every grunt is brilliant speech to me
Every cry to me is well composed melody

Where do you go from fifty five
Would my goal be limitless sky
Root in deep than spread abroad
Build a home with love & God

Never too late to consider the Maker
Invest in spirit, truth soon than later
Where am I going, where from am I
Father awaits to know the son – “Can I”

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