A Leader Arise My Love

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A Leader

Arise My Love – Then Comes The Morning

Before The Sun Goes Down

A leader walks to the end
Other to follow sets the trend
By examples rules ne’er bend
Helping hand for weak to lend

Leader walks when others are long gone
Holding head high though weary & worn
The flack & bricks he takes often all alone
He knows for such a task & time he’s born
Leader in victory gives credit to another
In loss he drinks himself a cup so bitter
Seeing the wrong he expects the better
Of failure he makes for success a pillar
Leader is first to arrive and the last to go
In danger he brings his chest to the fore
From himself & others he expects more
Ceases not even when mind & body sore

Leader has learnt that to forgive is forward
Grudges resentment takes me only backward
He marches to a distant drum he once heard
Steel like courage – his honour is his word

Leader leads from the front
He’s not put off by affront
His sons cover his back
He refuses to be slack
He is no Napoleon, Pharaoh or Hitler
He is friend, mentor & fond father
Leaving footprints in the sands of time
In the darkest hour his light will shine

There was a Leader who laid down His life
From heaven to share man’s iniquities rife
He became the truth, the way & power of life
For higher life exchange your ego and strife

Cross was His, sacrifice of global renown
Lifts up humanity’s destiny fallen down
Critics & doubts overcoming many a frown
Leader’s head eventually wears a crown
In a world of imitators, abdicators tricksters

Rare commodity are the exemplary leaders
Vanishing breed amidst platitude seekers
Let’s raise a standard for armour bearers
Leader as father, husband. President or other
Leading learning of a lifetime train another
Pass on the baton – early locate a successor
My son ‘cos of you world was made better

Emaciated girl on begging mother’s shoulder
Helps with a weak smile more money to gather
Who’d give food & clothes, dignity & shelter
Will it only be on Resurrection Day O Father
Her name is Mihiri all else in her life amihiri
Avanka amiable boy of unknown paternity
Brought to us to show God’s tender mercy
Rainbow Home – Resurrection hope for many

More dead than alive twilight woman hawker
Red black dress- all know she’s street walker
Victim prey of wanton violent sexual hunger
O Resurrection Day, will you offer her a future?

Eager eyes & hunted look restless young man
Thinking desperate, give me livelihood who can
Why am I lean – some fat & rich in same land
When is my resurrection dawn – Helping Hand?

Bamboozled digital junkie I am of Z generation
Madonna mania Jackson jinx non stop gyration
Check my heart ‘tis petabyte chip power indeed
O Resurrection – transplant of heart is my need

Gilded cage & stony tomb imprisoned my father
High rise & more perks with corporate glamour
A coronary by pass, empty heart and proud head
Resurrection you need dad from Mammon’s dread

Surrogate personality one within rejected alone
Bandaged façade you see as I dance to song
For acceptance, sincerity love – How I long
To be a child of Resurrection no more forlorn

Roll montel williams cash the stone away, let me jump to liberty
I am incarcerated with parental prosperity
Tuition sports ambition fame hoisted on me
I’m tired Resurrection of Christ make me free

Brain was all in Professorial ardour I did prove
Dawkins outlawed God masses to atheism move
Intellect has left us morally injured in rot & mire
O Resurrection give back purpose Sense Higher

Priestly seals & Political guards keep nations bound
Religion & politics play games masses run aground
Populace languish preyed by many a modern hound
Resurrection morn free us from Bastilles that abound

Creator’s Love entrapped deep in human breast
Desire to know the Father who gave us His best
Resurrection light to arise Christ the King Shine
Arise My Love – you are not dead, His Life Mine

Before the sun goes down
Good if father comes home
He promised to come sober
Hope he doesn’t get later
It’s my 21 st birthday
Full of hopes for the eldest daughter
Thank God I see my father
Walking Without a stagger
O God let that be forever
For I love him in spite of alcohol
Before the sun goes down
I have to sell my crafts
Beautiful they are
How they beat the price down
I promised my son
I’ll bring him the school books
He will not miss another week
For lack – O God help me sell

Before the sun goes down
I need to finish the chores
Where I work as domestic
Equivalent of no rights
Get back to my infant son
Hard to keep the milk down
He cannot miss my milk
I cannot miss the daily wage
O God help me finish
The back breaking work
To get to my son soon
Reform his father from heroin

Before the sun goes down
I have to do all my studies
Nine A’s at O Level
I want to be a doctor
No light in our house
Sun is my only friend
O Lord please see my plight
Heal my sick father tonight
Before the sun goes down
I have to find shelter for three
Infant hungry crying
Ejected from my shanty
UDA making Sri Lanka
The Best in Asia post haste
Poor suffer in war or prosperity
Who hears their woe to pity

Before the sun goes down
On man’s great century
Bereft of useful energy
Entropy increasing
Human genome chaotic
Einstein can’t help
Heisenberg not smart enough
Iceland eruption disrupting
La Niño El Niña sweeping
Global buccaneers conniving
National economies sinking
Tectonic plates protesting
Oil spill polluting
Technology failing
Iniquity globally abounding
Love of all cold withering
Ark of God preparing
Passage to safety anchoring

Before the sun goes down
I want to play with grandson
Teach him bat & ball daily
Stroll with lessons in Botany
To God bless his parents
And his many little friends
Eagles up there – butterflies down below
Gaze on Occasional helicopter
Buy Bread from the baker
While Marmie taught prayer
Parpie is friend & mentor
He to remember when he’s older
Grandpa taking time to make him wiser

Before the sun goes down
Eventide darkens with frown
I should have played safer
Come to know my Maker
Life in retrospect – vanished as vapour
When young I felt like eternal vigour
God set eternity in my own heart
Enforced God prints in every part
Yet I wrote my life script
Directed & acted every bit
‘tis time for reckoning
Have I readied for eternity?

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