Helpful Medical Tips


•  half aspirin a day may 100 acceptance payday loans no fees keep colonic cancer away (increased fibres do the same)

•  increase of fine fibrils (such as found in guava, carrot, pol kudu) keeps bad fats down

•  increase of coarse fibrils (such as in all vegetables, esp. kohila) reduces risk of colonic cancer

•  If Cardiprin is prescribed for prevention of IHD and one takes aspirin like drugs for rheumatic pains, the protective effect of cardiprin is obliterated

•  50% of migraine attacks can be prevented without drugs, by removing coca cola, peanuts, bad sight, TV watching, reading from wrong angle or wrong distance

•  Aspirin is still superior to other similar drugs and causes less gastric effects than newer similar drugs. Baeur & Co has capitalised on this and has put out a cherry flavoured aspirin lender nevada preparation. However any soluble aspirin preparation is equally adequate

•  Usual dose of amoxicillin for adults should be 250 mg 8 hrly and not 500 mg

•  There is no scientific basis for antibiotics in flu.

•  Augmentin is far too over-prescribed. Healthy adults overcome simple bronchitis without antibiotics which adversely affects the natural fauna.

•  Brufen syrup for fever for children is unscientific and dangerous. Do not give brufen until fever goes beyond 101 F. Do not give antipyretic syrup at regular intervals. Paracetamol syrup is preferable to brufen for children. Wait for fever to rise and give syrup only if fever goes above 101F.

•  Deep frying in unsaturated fats is worse than frying in coconut oil.


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