Bhikku Bodhi

Bhikku Bodhi – It is 1 hour unsecured loan rational, experiential, practical, personally verifiable. It brings concrete benefits that can be realized in one’s own life; it propounds lofty ethics, and an intellectually cogent philosophy.

Ajahn Sumedho – It offered a practical way of finding out the truth through one’s own experience…

Acceptance of Creation in Sic days. Acceptance of Darwin.

Omnipotent Compassionate Creator God + suffering – natural disasters , hunger

All other religions – 80%.

Multiculturism personal loans for people on disability benefits & religious freedom

Embarrassment from belief in hell.

Westerners are drawn not only to Buddhism

Blind faith – there is an assumption that all who belive have blind faith and have no analytical mind.

His infinite compassion & teaching by example – is what the Lord Jesus Christ also did.

Buddhism adheres to the intellect & the heart.

Accept that which is conducive to the moral benefit of self advantage loans & others.

There is no blind faith in Buddhism

Voltaire – faith & reason. Faith is to belive in something which your reason tells you cannot be true

Come, see & experience the truth

Scientific approach of test & experience –

A religion must not only be intellectually stimulating but must also morally uplift –

Without bloodshed – Christianity too spread without bloodshed under the oppressive Roman Rule

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