Stem Cells and Genesis

Jonathan Sarfati

Stem cell research has recently easy cash online store been the object of controversy in both the United States Senate and the media. Recently, a senator quoted Genesis in order to justify research on stem cells derived from embryos, even if it meant their destruction. In some ways, the controversy is unnecessary because of well-known science deliberately overlooked. But in another sense, the controversy shows a terrifying malaise in Western society not seen since Germany in the 1920s—40s. This can teach us many things, and has become especially topical for Answers in Genesis because some participants in the controversy have quoted Genesis to justify their stances.

On 9 August 2001, United States President George W. Bush 1500 dollar installment loan bad credit announced that he would prohibit federal (i.e. US-taxpayer) funding for destroying human embryos for stem cell research, but not funding for 60 already-existing stem cells lines obtained by past killing of embryos.1 For A1G’s comment, see the Addendum.

What are Stem Cells

Where are Stem cells found

What about embryonic stem cells

When does human life begin


Does Genesis Support ESCR

Other Pro abortion rationalizations

Media mendacity

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