In Whose Image are You ? Lilian de Silva

The Bible says, largest online payday loan company in Genesis 1:26,27, that God created man in His own image meaning, in the character of God. Thus godly qualities are inherent in man

The Bible also tells us that Cain, the eldest son of the first parents who were called Adam and Eve   murdered his own brother Abel. This ungodly nature has passed down from generation to generation up to this day.. This gives us the understanding that the parental nature is passed down to the children.

We have to come to the conclusion that though we have godly qualities of the Creator God inherent in us, we also have the ungodly qualities which we have inherited from our fore fathers. This is an undeniable fact- the Sin in Mankind.

When God says He created man in His own image, it is very vital to understand,

•  How has man acquired the image of ungodliness which is more active in man?

•  Is there a clear and truthful way of being restored back to the image of God?

To understand this mystery, let us understand the story of a human babe stolen and adopted by the Apes, which was published as a true story.

Once, a baby of two human parents who lived near a jungle, was stolen through a window by an Ape.

This human child grew with the Apes for many years till he was a grown up fellow. But, having not associated with the human parents, he did not know the human ways of walking, talking, smiling or crying. Yet all these feelings and expressions were inherent in the boy without doubt.

The parents who had been patiently and mournfully waiting to see their son one day, spotted their son among the Apes.

The parents called him but he would’nt know, they waved to him but he would’nt come, thus explaining, if a human baby is kept away from the human parents, the inherent human qualities in the child are not developed.

This also explains the vulnerability of man, to be influenced by his associates.

Is not this the reason we parents always need our children to associate with educated, cultured, disciplined people? No parent will like a son to go about with drunkard friends and loafers. No parent will like their children to associate with one of immoral character, even though it may be a relation.

What reason do you give to this? It is because the child can end up as one of them through fellowship.

Back to the story,

One day, this jungle boy tried to respond to the human parents. Why?, How?

The Bible explains that human beings are not created equal to animals. Man is created in the image of God, who is all wisdom. So this godly wisdom inherent in the jungle boy, was touched by the unceasing effort and love of the parents who reached out to him. The boy got the wisdom to recognize his parents as ‘bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh’

Though the boy tried to come back to the parents, we see that the Apes called him back and made every effort to keep him away from his parents.

However, the unfailing love of the parents redeemed their son 1800 fast cash one day, from the Apes.

Though he came back to the parents, he did not get transformed to the human nature at once, but his constant fellowship with human beings very gradually brought back the human nature inherent in him.

This story tells us how, one human being who had strayed   from his human parents lost the human character but was restored after returning to his human parents.

The facts required to answer the two questions should tell us how, Mankind in general strayed from God who created man in His own Image, and also how man can be restored back to be in fellowship with God.

The Bible gives accurate understanding to these mysteries as follows.

‘God made man in His image. When man was in fellowship with God , man knew no sin. It continues to say how man disobeyed God’s command and succumbed to Satan who aroused in man, a desire to become like God on his own, and also influenced in   him cravings of lust.’

The spiritual understanding is that, man was separated from God and became a slave to sin.

This is how ungodliness entered man. The image of sin in man over rules the image of God inherent in man.

Ultimately like the jungle boy who came back to his human parents, Man has to come back to his Creator God the Father.

Man is not able to give up his ungodly ways by his own effort, but needs a Saviour.

It was only by living in fellowship with the human parents, the jungle boy was restored back to the nature of mankind. If he remained with the Apes there would not have   been an opportunity for the development of the human nature inherent in him.

Like wise, you and I, could be restored back to the godly nature only by living in fellowship with the heavenly Father, the Creator God.

Put your trust in the one who will lead you to the Father in heaven. Only the one who came from the Father, will lead you to the Father.

Jesus said

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,   no man cometh to the Father but by Me.”

                                                                                                              John 14:6

“These words   you hear are not My own. They belong to the Father who sent Me.”

                                                                                                              John 14:24

Give your life to God who promises to carry you and rescue you from the enemy..

“ Even to your old age and grey hairs, I Am He, I Am He who will sustain you

   I have made you and I will carry you, I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”

                                                                                                               Isaiah 46:4

May the Grace of God be with you dear reader, to put you trust in Jesus Christ, to seek your heavenly Father who is waiting to receive you back to restore His nature in you, that He may dwell in you.

“As many as received him (Jesus), to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.” John 1:12

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