Day 29




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How do you know if you have transformed from young man to father – in your life journey. Are you giving more or getting more? Are you yielding or demanding? Are you persuading or commanding? Have you transitioned from visible to credible? Many a little Jack Horner is carving out a corner, where he is fingering the plum in his pie unwilling to share. Rejecting fathers have made a generation of  young men who believe in perpetual youth – a sort of Shangri-La. Gym & muscles. Young man has to die to be  born again as father. Assuredly role models are difficult to come by & fathers have failed. That excuse will not improve you. Marriage is meant to do this transformation. Reticence towards responsibility of marriage while enjoying sexual benefits is one manifestation of this syndrome. At least by 35 yrs you need to transition from being young man to “elder”, father, dad, One who lays his life down that another generation may take up their life. Decide today – contradiction is over. Young man dies – father lives!!

Sons Yesterday, Fathers Today – at home the castle of every man, family his kingdom. That’s how it was said. What will you be tomorrow –

a grandfather, honoured by your children’s children. Crown jewel of the family. Crown jewel of the nation. That’s how God the Father made it & that’s how God defines life. When you get the home front right – your Forward Defence Line – your long term fortress, you can be a trailblazer, a role model, champion, deliverer in other fields – church, work or politics. Fail at home, you fail everywhere. Succeed at home – YOU ARE A SUCCESS. You are destined to be son yesterday, father today. You are blessed to be son, you are blessed to be father – ONE BLESSING

 No set back. No look back. You will be the best father for your family from today. Never mind the past. Bury the past. Son daughter bury the hatchet. We paycheck benefits want to assure you from today onwards – your husband will be the best. No more cursing. Good expectation.

Two processes of birth work in us. Jam 1:12-18. One is Desire conceiving sin which conceives death.  Do not be deceived. Jam 1:17,18. Second is the gift the Father of Light gave cannot dim. By His will through the word of truth we conceive new life & continue to practise New Life. When we renege old shoots overcome the new shoot. We will not recognise the planting of the Lord if we continue in old life & are overcome by old seed. What happened to the noble vine? This should not be. We practice new life giving seed. The nature of the Prince of Life in us.

Marriage is the beginning of Fatherhood. Every young woman seeking a marriage partner should ask herself, “Is he fit to be the father of my children”. Every father to become is the kinsman redeemer for his family.






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