Day 24


Judgement is an unpopular word like ocean $6000.00 personal loan for bad credit warming. Popularity does not determine reality. When we believe Judgement of God, we stop fretting about other people’s evils loosing energy we need to do good. We can handover evil too big for us to tackle to God knowing that God the Just Arbiter will judge right & wise. Otherwise we will try to mind things too big for us waxing eloquent on armchairs or Facebook depending on your age. And then we will make injustice & other people’s error a cloak for our misdemeanours. More we count other people’s errors fast online payday loans no credit check – whistleblower, the more we will be lax about ours. We will stop doing any good we can – cynical. We will also watch our lives better when we accept we have to give an account. When we believe God will judge, we will do right in what we can & leave the big picture to God who judges right. When we mind human duties, human rights will come right. Demanding rights & ignoring duties has created a topsy turvy world.




When we are sufficient & powerful by ourselves we 100 percent guaranteed payday loans will take offence. We are quite adept at “Growl like the bear” towards the weak and switch to “moan like dove” when opposed by the powerful. In fact the offence we get in return is what we gave. Even when we transform to “turn the other cheek” mode – for a while we will have a harvest of offence returns coming from our former behaviour. We must continue in the sparrow swallow mode by grace, knowing that this time around we are determined to follow the meek Lamb.

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