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Migraine Healed

I got scd personal loans up on Tuesday morning with terrible body aches. However I went to work. But as the aches and pains continued I returned home from work by noon and slept. I woke up with a terrible migraine. It continued till the next day. I considered consulting a neurologist because I had already lost two days of work. I prayed along with another brother in the faith and felt relieved for a while. However the following day the migraine retuned and it was unbearable. At which point I called DR. Lalith and asked for prayer. As I left the phone down, I felt the grip of migraine leaving me. I felt a wonderful release.

Young Businessman Prospers

I have been conducting business in the field of International trade of raw materials for Printing & Packaging for the last six years. I decided to launch my personal loans for no credit history and no cosigner own Business in the same field in June last year (2005). Doing your own Business in a country such as ours, which is not very conducive for young entrepreneurs, is not easy, many advised me but, the Lord had given me a clear vision of how I should get started. I never dreamt in a million dreams that I could run my own business, as I always thought that I would work for a ‘ Boss’. The Lord had other plans for me, now I know.

My initial investment for this venture was to first pray with my wife   and our Pastor for almost one year with godly counsel on how a business should be run God’s way. The Lord has worked marvellously the last year and a half since I launched out. I have no words to thank the Lord enough. People would say that it will take more than a year to establish a business, but within a matter of months the Lord established business relations for me. I wondered why potential customers would sign contracts with a small businessman like me. I found out why, as most of my customers who are unbelievers, would say that God is with me and that they are prospering due to this reason. I then remembered the word the Lord gave me before I started out on my own ….” Success, success to you and success to those who help you, for your God will help you…” 1 Chronicles 12 :18 (NIV) The other secret I believe was not the target I set for growth in the business but the target I set for giving unto the Lord the Tithe & Offering. The Lord is faithful & true to His word.

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