Were You Treated like an Ass

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Were You Treated like an Ass

Was I Born With A Tear In My Eye

Frightened maid and weary man trudge the dusty road
From Jericho upward to Jerusalem a donkey they rode
She is great with child, face tinged with anguish shame
One whom the donkey bears carries the Greatest Name

Immanuel, Wonderful Prince of Peace Counselor He is
Yet a feeble Babe in virgin’s womb no room for ease
Thank God for ass who carried Him in Mary’s womb
They will use & forget you remember the silent mule

Jericho to Jerusalem steep ascent some achieve in life
They forget the servant donkey once they climb high
There once was a King who used an ass for royal entry
He ne’er forgets beasts of burden, He One was, weary

Horse & Mule though cousins, in nature are poles apart
Horse loves the thrills frills donkey pulls a humble cart
Horse draws the chariot often the general or the King
Ass draws heavy burdens the poor use to earn a living

Horses are for ceremony he neighs with head high in air
Donkeys only work hard head down braying in despair
God creates the one & the other, let us do our given part
Yonder call soon will come, let’s serve with all our heart

Jesus’ first & last visit to Jerusalem was on a donkey
Dear pastor you are to be that mule in your ministry
Men may remember or forget their burdens you bear
Grieve not, King delights to pick the crown you wear

Was I born with a tear in my eye
From womb prejudice was mine
That sobs became my life portion
‘cos mom preferred the male version
Woe of man oft borne by woman
Is that how my name evolve
Yet in life men do well
All because of woman’s resolve

Cultures, religions races, caste
Makes the woman the down cast
Prenatal diagnosis adds to our woe
Girl child preferably they abort
Early to rise and last to sleep
Water to draw, firewood to chop
“Is your wife working” – no she’s at home
What a naïve answer – I work in all form

I’ve signed for many a full time job
Wife mom cook wash cleaner janitor
At day’s end my head does throb
He’s back from work, it’s time to be waiter
Amazing many courses a wife has to train
Before she’s equipped a family to raise
In field training every day all year seasons
No cocktail workshops or power point projections

Girl child servant from estate Tamil mother
Suffering in war displaced in peace
Recruited for cheap labour paid half as male
Victim of the world’s most ancient trade
Sweat shops of Dubai skyscrapers make
Gruesome child brides insane lust whet
Handsome profits earn girl’s begging smile
Merchants of craft of every pay day loans no credit check crooked vile

One girl child born in pink lilac clothed
In Five star hospital with linen covered
Another girl born in the hovel midst mud
Lifelong disenfranchised struggle survive
Former Driven to school by limousine to learn
Music elocution life’s fine mastery of tapestry
So unequal this world’s distribution unjust
Father God gave the same, man did corrupt

Afghanistan to Zimbabwe political violence
Women suffer most brutalized innocence
Palin slandered, Ayun Su Kyi harassed
Female circumcision, black tiger bomb
War widows, girl orphans of Lanka
Thai Flesh trade, women behind purdah
Taslima on the run, vilified Arundati
O daughters of Eve, forsaken are we?

Women shine man’s darkness dispelled
Florence Nightingale lady with lamp fame
Marie Curie fantastic discovery made
Mother Theresa beacon of compassion became
Where would India be if not for Sonia Gandhi
Margaret Thatcher reputed Iron lady
CBK & Mom unique record in history
Fairer is she our present first lady

“All arising shall call her Blessed woman”
Hallowed the womb, for all born human
Born on earth in virgin, Life Incarnating
Cleansed stigma of post natal bleeding
“He that hath no sin cast the first stone”
For Mary & Martha He rolled the tomb stone
Daughter of Abraham bent in two relieved
This is the Jubilee God as Human revealed

Delivered of seven demons Mary Magdalene
Devoted true disciple of Jesus the Nazarene
Voice that breathed over Eden made mystery
Two united better, marvelous complementary
Out of the rib she was made to be by his side
Not over top, nay under feet, knit till one died
All shall be well in His kingdom of Peace
Wisdom shall flourish every nation increase

The most serious assignment the gravest task it is
The Founder who instituted gave all His life for this
We have time for music sport socializing for tits bits
When it comes to serving the Lord we’ve time limits

Bathe dog, play with cat, mow loan & wash the car
I know to commit to become in my field bright star
Lord’s kingdom advances by the volunteer’s whim
Rain or sun dictates investment, returns remain dim

We feel grieved when we help a little & they forget
We pay well – yet work is poorly done, so we fret
On the cross Christ the Son of God paid with his life
He in return sadly gets a pittance of our measly time

Volition emotion devotion commission the toughest
Should it not be My Utmost & Best for His Highest
Corporate gets the smartest, Lord gets the mediocrity
Lord I change,, I am your willing recruit in sincerity

Eat knowledge to be a god -why do you need God
Comes the echo of the Garden your mind it’ll prod
Bow to me, all you see is mine to give glory & cash
Climb the pinnacle, do the jump, spectacular crash

Two kingdoms in deadly combat in the minds of men
Light meets darkness, as it did in Daniel’s Lion den
On the Cross a Champion, fought for truth & mercy
Why choose lesser battles, men’s souls need liberty

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