The Cross Crossed My Life

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The Cross Crossed My Life

Hooks, Nooks & Crooks

I had climbed my Everest, reached my majesty & crowned
Every Summit was taken every challenge bravely conquered
Monarch of all I survey none to match my magnificence
I had a mouth to match my success, ego & my ebullience

The cross crossed my life when in the dungeon I saw light
There was no more anyone to conquer subjugate or to fight
“Not even God could sink me”, like the Titanic I thought
Quantum leap I attempted sky high ambition crash wrought

Friends soon disappeared colleagues with disdain depart
Discretion is valour they think, no more death do us part
Avoid him like the bubonic plague, rats jump the ship
Nothing like adversity that sifts fame –a rubbish heap

I had time long to rue, ponder & ruminate in hibernation
Why would God come & die in such splendid isolation
Ignoble, weak, impractical & foolish it had looked to me
God coming to live among men so poor die in obscurity

Had I been God, I’d have come as Caesar’s son or brother
May have become scion of the empire that is Rockefeller
Or be Einstein’s best disciple, may be the Bradman of cricket
At least a Schumacher, Jackson, or on some Winning ticket

Now I understand faced with ignominy, He took my shame
Accused of ignobility – stripped naked they left Him maim
Weakened vilified, Friend of the hopeless, I know you now
Powerless now, my eyes see meekness in majesty, I bow

Christ paid the price on the cross to be my king
We still pay a price to know he should be king
Some in pain others in a fall accept him as king
Better first of all by choice to make Him king

Running rat races climb greasy poles, games & tricks they play
They serve mammon, tyrants & mirages, God left out why I pray
They give their best years to sports & work – many a Babel ower
“Why hast Thou forsaken me, Son”, I am waiting, 07305 cash advance Divine Lover

He stoops low – His love spurned trampled like a Rose
Offering Love again to those who bruised Him coarse
Cross said “I’ll go any length to make love irresistible”
Even the arrogant & violent to receive love be possible

Poor mother in love’s excellence turns her blood to milk
Father sacrifices all his protein & time to nurture his ilk
Love of the poor for progeny unmatched in lofty palace
There are treasures of affection, wealth cannot purchase

Excellence is giving all I have keeping none for me
Widow was excellent when her mite was offertory
Mary was excellent when her perfume outpoured
At Master’s feet, House with fragrance overflowed

Excellence of a drew drop
The splendour of the snowflake
“All things bright & beautiful
All things wise & wonderful”
The brilliance of the diamond
Grandeur of the sapphire

Forget not the bending reed
That makes the melodious flute
Forget not the blade of grass
Silently Serving earth’s mass – (as created)
Intricacy of a simple leaf
Delight of arboreal majesty

Excellence for one in velvet & silk
Another wrapped in swaddling cloth
Tiny Wild flower is grander
Than Solomon of Sheba fame
It’s the excellence of the spirit
Above what the eye could see

Above the trained receptionist
Village lass’ smiling radiance
Above the dancer’s racy twist
Innocent virgin’s moving cadence
Above the professional vocalist
IDP girl’s song – sweet excellence

Gentle Mary of Galilee has won
The poor carpenter Joseph’s troth
Heaven’s majesty unseen watched
Biding heavenly offer unmatched
“To be born a babe, give Me thy womb
Will you be partner in divine mystery?”

Excellence of Design in God’s vast creation we see
High & lofty Great Sovereign excellent in Majesty
Born as meek babe of Bethlehem Excellent strategy
To win the heart & mind of  God defying humanity



















Hook is helpful to hang important items
More important than the hook itself
We hang keys, clothes, bags, stethoscopes
That’s all there is to a hook

However if the hook hooks you
it makes a tear & draws you back
hooked to past memories
hooked you are to grudges bitterness
alcohol heroin addictive habits or lusts
hook has got the better of you

you’ve got the worse of you
hooked to past greatness
talking of bygone days
time to go forward
unhooked from all these


Nooks are useful to keep
a secret or the precious
nooks if overfilled
throws out the vicious
keep your nooks clean
scorpions free
they may hatch the viper
stinging you to stupor


Hook or by crook
Unscrupulous gain
What you got by crook
Other’s crook invites
Crooks often entangle
Ill gotten gain takes wings
Leave the crook to crooks
Unless a shepherd who pulls
Sheep from the pit
with his shepherd staff’s crook
do not keep hooks & crooks in your nook


Books rhyme with hooks
Nooks & crooks
Books provide hooks
to hook up the unwary
books give ability & power
access & doors for crooks
to hook up the poor in their nooks
in Sinhala “Potha Perelanawa”
is what crooks do with books
hooking many into their nooks


Too many cooks spoil the soup
In politics or song troupe
Some may cook the truth
Cook up stories rather than food
Never get cooked in your own juice
Trying to avenge wrong get stewed
Allow a wrong to let pass
Father above will surpass

Hooked Prince

Once there was a kindly Prince
Hooked up on a tree for our sins
Betwixt man & man hooked horizontally
Betwixt God & man hooked vertically
Hooked up for our penalty
Though He was not guilty
Our thorns hooked His brow
Our nails hooked his wrists
Hooked up breathing came in gasps
His forgiving love humans grasps
Death was slow agony so great
In His Life the Price was paid
Tomb couldn’t hook Him
No nook could hide Him
No crook could entangle
Many a book tried to cook Him
He arose the King of Life

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