Returning Father – Reminiscing Son

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Returning Father – Reminiscing Son

Enter My Brave New World

God of Broken Things

I await the return of my father
After all I have no other
He comes staggering drunk, a monster
My hopes again sunk
I can’t see in his hand
The book he promised to bring
In the morning he is so different
Loving kind full of promises
I hate evenings with long shadows
They make my father another man
Sometime a beast on all fours
Vomit on his clothes

I await the return of my father
He was stolen from us by another
Mom only has curses for that woman
Nangi and I hopes forlorn
Hope for return
Hope springs eternal in our breast
Then we need not work in other’s kitchen
Thathti come home – We are still yours
She can have many more
But we have only one father

I await the return of my father
For Dubai ‘s Dinars he’s gone farther
At home we can wait no further
Let Dinars be – We’d have you rather
More than big house, new car
New TV, refrigerator or super star
Thathi we want you at home
Come in the next flight

I await the return of my father
I await the return of my father
Since he became managing director
It isn’t a Father I have but a performer
All say he’s brilliant orator organizer
Mom lost a husband & I friend & father
Dad come to us – leave the circus
They’re sucking you dry
We need some water – Of loving kindness
Paternity security & your company
We’ll do without the perks & pleasures
If only your presence with us reassures

I don’t await the return of my father
On that fateful day hit by a mortar
Valiant captain who led from front
Went to pick the soldier who went down
Why didn’t you think of malli & me
Send another to pick the wounded
They have so many captains,
majors & major generals
We had only one father

Everyone’s happy the war is over
They talk of peace & prosperity
Our small hut & the pittance of pension
We’ve only the photos of your funeral
Daily we kiss your cap
You were so brave – And so loving to us
I don’t know – where is my father?

He was a feared tiger fighter
payday advance plus Many privileges then – We languish now
We wonder we fear we hope we sigh
All in one day – no more tears to cry
Last battle at the safe zone
He decided to leave & run
He said he’ll surrender – ‘cos of me
His only son – why should I be born
Son of a fighter of a dead cause
Appa, where are you – dead or alive
Do you care, do you hear –
Paraloham Pithave, I am a son

It’s an age they kill the fathers
Role models are so very rare
In the professions or in politics
Dinosaurs feast on poor- in war all’s fair
Fathers abscond abuse absent
Children sire babies, no holes barred they live
Celebs set the Maddening pace
Enter ye all the insane rat race

For every son’s grief & every Father’s need
Almighty became Son of virgin seed
Father son gap thru many generations
Seething anger exploding frustrations
Into this mêlée incarnates intervenes
Cross of Calvary Intercedes
Ne’er did a son so Love the Father
Father offering such fearful sacrifice

Fore determined It had to be done
For peace betwixt father & son
In every generation breach to heal
Poor & rich a covenant seal
Rebellious nations re-parented
Orphaned youth love interned
No other way for father to return
Estranged son never to love spurn

Father you had to Only Son forsake
When on a cross our sin He did take
Ne’er a father asked so much of a son
Ne’er such arduous cost borne by One
His story in history an amazing wonder
Truth met mercy Heavens rent asunder
Righteousness kissed peace to heal earth
Father & Son gave humanity lost worth


Enter my brave new world hail, we are the peers
None above us we make laws & pay with tears
Monarchs of all we survey always lead from front
May be we go no where we are masters of affront

Who said we need fathers- it’s an ancient myth
Who said we need role models, any kin or kith
Child today not tomorrow is the father of man
We make our destiny we’re the rebellious clan

We modernized art any scribble is brilliant
We revved up music it’s strident & militant
Anything goes is the logic sad mad or bad
Who wants Socrates or Plato, we’ve our fad

Let there be darkness mayhem chaos & fun
We’ve in retrogression, evolution is the pun
Live for the day is our motto Epicurus Brand
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It’s the dance we live for life is a verve & jerk
I am energetic swirling – a bit electronic quirk
Who thinks marriage – obsolete, he is a nerd
Look world here we come- the dazzle brigade

Our colour is black or ash, mood audacious
Thrill is the essence, values no more precious
Our Parents sowed the wind of materialism
We reap the whirlwind- peerless terrorism

Late morning we awake – feel the bruise within
Last night is vomitish too sordid to reminisce
May be we need a cup of cold water & kindness
May be love of parents & God, heal the sadness

I am only twenty three I am consumed away
Before my corpse is left still on the stairway
Of a high rise condominium, I better turn now
To home & God, love & parents, will I bow

God of broken things – of sparrow & swallow
Ash turns to beauty, rags to a better tomorrow
Broken reed in His hands makes sweet melody
Trembling flame His breath arouses to glory

Weeping barren Hanna is made a blessed mother
Humble Samuel hears from God to be kingmaker
Strong made weak the weak are given dominion
Simple made wise confounding arrogant opinion

God moves mysteriously His wonders to perform
The mourning anointed with oil degenerate reform
Shepherd boy David sought as king of the nation
Promoted by God to establish a royal generation

History replete with His stories of mercy marvels
Turning the poor into champions- in this He revels
Straightening the crooked filling up the low valley
Make smooth the rough, rebels to repentance rally

 Fathering orphans husband to ruined war widows
Crowning with loving kindness opening windows
Mighty Fortress is our God resisting the oppressor
Might not right, race not to the swift He’s Arbitrator

Communism’s madness Capitalism’s rampant greed
God opposes brigands, poor millions He plans to feed
Provider of resources meant for equitable distribution
Seeking partners to pronounce a Jubilee of redemption

“This is my body broken for your sin” hanging on a tree
Betrayed by friend deserted by all, bleeding on Calvary
By His stripes we are healed, races severed united free
Cords once broken vibrate singing- then blind now I see

Dungeons flamed with light, chains break in freedom
His rightness rectifies wrong, truth & mercy kingdom
At the cross I relinquish slavery’s iniquitous stardom
Resurrection morning when the King defeats serfdom


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