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Longings Of The Poor

Innocence Lost & Found

Poverty is not only with possession wealth

Poor in spirit is considered spiritual health

Laziness brings poverty armed with stealth

None is so poor as the ungrateful self

Many are poor in simple good graces

Though laden on earth run rat races

It’ll cost you nothing to richly smile

Healing a broken heart touch a child

Many are poor in giving a cup of cold water

Forgive fast and remember not iniquity later

When in thirst someone will come to your aid

You always another’s debt with mercy paid

Many poor to give others benefit of the doubt

Like Shylock cut the demanded flesh pound

What you sow you surely will with bonus reap

God will press to your bosom as your deed

Others are poor to overlook a fault indict

Your sin on an iron horn God will write

Rich in mercy rich in substance you’ll be

God of mercy & of truth balanced equally



The poor have longing only God can feel
The destitute have tears only God will see
Impoverished have sighs God does hear
God in poor form came to us so near

Bethlehem ‘s stable where Oxen drool
Clostridium tetani in ass dung crawl
Straw for manger no blue cot draping
Ample samples of animal dropping

Carpenter’s son the educated offended
How can he speak well on text so sacred
Poor man made the rich fisherman’s boat
Joseph & Jesus calloused hands wrought

Begging I see feet by the busy roadside
Rich are on wheels the poor come aside
Diverse slippers old, torn seldom new
Those who stop to help are a rare few

Shoes are my earnings cobbler by trade
No one’s dirt too much shoes are made
Road my friend brother gives me shade
I’m scared how to stitch, eyesight fade

I have four children doing quite well
Their spouse will not have me to dwell
I have no pension at the market I plead
Lunch packet a day from your kind deed

Road the friend of the poor I earn my buck
Rummaging collecting sellables from muck
In pride I ride My old cart, my Benz truck
I give way to none, as daily I try my luck

Darius & Lazarus may have been classmates
Lazarus now looks for food at other’s gates
Dogs help clean his wound bloody bound
Yet his mansion eternal is already found

Poor are not merely in wealth so
Zacheus had much but alone
Elder brother thought poor
What’s his share not so sure
Prodigal amidst pigs came to senses

To see father’s love he got new lenses
next day loans bad credit Shylocks are many even to their spouse
Dickens’ Scrooge – Miserly as a mouse
Poor in spirit take the riches of heaven

Let not your wealth be in you as leaven
Store up treasure where moth can’t eat
Rust corrupt not & thieves can’t steal
Wealth becomes a castle that separates
Treasure multiplies hurts, horror & hates

She was once a daughter much loved between two sons
Or she was one too many, it was a parental mistake once
Abortion attempted while in the womb scarred her fore’er
Now in the twilight hours she plies her craft by the foyeur

Dressed in red -her vocation’s trade mark, God’s lost sheep
Will I do this sir, had I a better way body & soul to keep
I was my school’s best vocalist but life was rough to me
My father worshipped Bacchus, ruined young in revelry

They brought him home in a stupor, doctors said too late
Leaving me with malli, Mother took off with another mate
Daughter of Nightingale I want to be, hopes dashed in time
A/L abandoned, My sweet voice on the street, earns a dime

It’s not enough for two, deceptive kindness gets me a hotel
Your voice is fit for the five star circus, heady stuff they tell
O my God is this world a fit place, for a fatherless daughter
Unending agony, many nights I died, only to awake darker

Arrested suddenly in a midnight crime bust, I am in the court
We are the accused, our clients in uniform make the assault
He that hath no sin cast the first stone, my father on the bench
Amazing similarity, gray head sadly bent, sobs my body wrench

Sent to Gangodawila abyss to rot, Rehabilitation prescribed
Mercy triumphs over justice, Sinthuja, my name is called
I see the gray head on the bench, offering me a sanctuary
God of small & big things, sparrow & swallow He does see

My daughter died in a suicide blast by LTTE female cadre
Sinthuja was the assassin’s name you are like my daughter
I had a brother, black sheep he was, ran away from family
I knew he had a daughter, from his marriage to a Tamil lady

Sinthuja come home and fill the vacant space in our family
Races long severed his love shall unite in examples daily
My daughter was a medical student before her sad demise
You’re so clever you’ll surely be a doctor is my surmise

All my childhood dreams restored, one roof for malli & me
Behind the black coat & austere looks great good there can be
Through all bad things we humans do, there’s One who works
To bring the best for broken reeds, melodious flute He makes

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