Peace Per Head

12000 loan

Let’s Grab my Peace

Betwixt Antaginists

What onus on one chief executive

Peace is paralysed – war energised
Sowing hate – blood we reap
Children hungry – northern languish
Fathers in battle – southern anguish

War made refugees there – havoc here wreaks raging water
War & flood fair & fierce – knows not race, face or colour

Vultures of war – for more blood make bold
Mongers of Terror – children to ransom hold

Extremes prevail – reason fades
Killing fields return – lives erase

Mediator branded mad – traitor to our land
Exterminator hailed – blood on every hand

Whose side are you – are you on our side of the piece?
Make war to have peace – peace exiled dirty like sleaze
Let’s grab my piece – even in other Lands more green
Lanka who gives hope to thee? You me? Vision how can i get cash fast unseen

‘This a dark day heaven is brooding
Hopes for better future so soothing
Fallen is a champion of democracy
Numbed city trembles – it is lunacy

Executive Judiciary & Legislator
Fourth Estate defiant adjudicator
Antagonism fear paralyses justice
Laying aside pride and prejudice

Deferred hope gloom envelopes
Mother with child tearfully mopes
Sister brother courageously copes
Enduring somehow undying hopes

Are you for me or hatefully opposed
Reconciliation not much proposed
Dissent contest summarily disposed
Our way is best, only way is supposed

Critic thinks he opposes the Government
Friend’s wounds are the healing ointment
Government heckled ’tis but constructive
Pen or sword should never be vindictive

Quill mightier than the sword they say
Sword may prove points the other way
Why spar, pen and sword need the other
Work for democracy as a twin brother

Young only once, War is now over
Kith & kin 1 hour loan direct lender await the bruised soldier
Healing of soul his weary eyes wander
Searching tremulously for that wonder

Mullaitivu teenager muses ruefully
Sights painful viewing sorrowfully
Bits and pieces of body and building
Peace at last the terror is vanishing

Soldier’s Widow struggling for a future
Without falling prey to rampant vulture
Looks to a President to set the mission
For Post war Lanka he needs a vision

Refugee to habitat seeking transfer
One’s roof my bed to stretch over
Counting the cost of a brutalised era
Is it time to sing Que Sera Sera/?

Pressed by battles costly living
House wife awaits subsidizing
O please stop the skyrocketing
Isn’t much the poor are asking

Tea, rubber cinnamon markets fall
Dubai retrenches, anguish in soul
Exports in trouble Exchange dwindle
Global players poor nations swindle

What onus on one Chief Executive
Aspirations arise crying restorative
What a shepherd the Chief has to be
O God help! who can help but Thee

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