New Poems 6

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Sprawling Tea Lands Of Lanka
(Watered by Copious Tears)

Reverence Balances Knowledge

The …… Voice Has Fallen Silent

Sprawling tea lands of Lanka
Green velvet they smile
Majestic mountain peaks
Kissing the mosaic of clouds
Every prospect pleases
All that meets the eye
Charming waterfalls
Feminine grace bespeak
Rugged masculine ravines
Methinks it’s God’s own place

Perched on Hilltop vantage
Bungalow of Tudor vintage
Palatial grandeur display
Of ancient Planter’s day
Britannia’s heyday of monarchy
Empire to colony economy
Sustaining Lanka’s name
As nation of super tea fame

Within the folds of tea lines
I was born a baby girl
It’s only tea land I saw
Tea was the life of my parents
Ancestors Long ago from India
Came the unscheduled castes
Seeking better livelihood
In land with good endued

Franchise fought & won
No other land to call our own
British sires no more
They say we’re progeny
Of Mother Lanka’s bounty
Yet we live, move & die
In that given square space
Not seeing the Sea or City

Unwilling to pluck the leaves
Venturing into youthful dreams
Appa brings me to Colombo
To play nanny with better salary
I’ve moved house many times
When will I have my own
I once was young & lithesome
I wait for my prince charming
My brother inherits plucking rights
On the land of four generations
My sister marries a drinking brute
She has four kids another en route
I’m quite a lady learnt city ways
I know not where my future lays
In the hills I am fish out of water
In the city an alien daughter

Lord I look from the window
As I play with this sweet boy
It’s a nice house with kindness
My charge is so fond of 100 day loans bbb me
Yet I look for the day
When I am in my own house
Keeping the home as my own
Fondling a boy my own
Now I am thirty three
Not much time for reverie
Voice that breathed o’er Eden
Speak up for me

When God arranged the planets
And hung stars in space
He also gave each one of us
A very special place
A place in time upon the earth
A life for us to fill
How wonderful for us to know
We’re here in His perfect will
(Anne Graham Parker)

Reverence for life & sanctity
Modesty, caution & chastity
Reverence balancing Knowledge
In relationships trust we pledge
Genetic engineering cloning
Nuclear power much mourning
Knowledge bloats the human head
Man playing God invites dread

When in awe I wonder
About the galaxies spinning so fast
In reverence I look a yonder
He holds the present & the past
Why should I deeply ponder
In Him my future will safely last

Words of condemnation
Errors hidden sore deep
Bruised conscience seeks respite
Pills potions fail to put us right
Would to God we had foresight
To do better now is hind sight

God calls a moratorium
Of all bad debts accruedSon raging against father
Wife and husband so bitter
Red crossed marks we reap
All this taken by the Saviour

There is now no condemnation
Enemies call for reconciliation
Bondage broken debt all paid
I’m freed by God’s amazing grace
Guilty no more – shame dissolves

Orphan Adopted as beloved son
A glory I see – my ambition eased
He in His time gives the increase

The Voice a clarion call is Silent
Altruism heroism defunct absent
The pioneer patriot who did much
For nation, people any virtue such
Pretentious politician opportunist
Fame adorns theatrics every twist

The golden voice fallen still silent
Music language of heart 1 hour cash loans now vacant
Longing again tenor of Jim Reeves
Lyrics and melody a depth weaves
Cacophony of noise goes for pop
Rude Vulgarity gets you to the top

The voice of the waves
Lapping an innocent shore
Fallen aside make ways
Raucous fun overtakes
Green gardens no more
Concrete jungles spread
Pure air to breathe again
We take flight far away
Salubrious Lanka’s air
Bids all to come & share
Our charm God given bounty
Why mar with racial inequality

The God fearing Voice of Pascal
Fallen silent, science plays rascal
Keppler looks for planetary laws
God doesn’t play dice with cosmos
Sir James Jean posits correctly
God of mathematical necessity
Louis Pasteur God’s own scientist
Golden era of Linnaeus the Botanist
Believing in order & benevolence
Creator God of truth & omniscience

Darwin assails the good in nature
Depersonalization exits any rapture
Marx makes man cog of economics
Hegel proposes utilitarian dialectics
Theologians make God irrelevant

Nietzsche presumes God moribund
Freud assures we are only appetites
Satre existential unreality underwrites
Einstein’s popularity makes him god
Men plan to split the atom for bomb

Man’s hamlet without Divine Prince
Brutal insolence globally ever since
Nuclear arsenal as sword of Damocles
Hangs over the neck of our destinies
Fetus dismembered sold for price
Human cloning – absurdity’s first prize

Animals have rights not human unborn
Bloody Gruesome 3rd trimester abortion
The still small Voice Has Fallen Silent
Of God in the heart of man immanent
Conscience bruised – senses deadened
In wilderness – to moral truth deafened
Do not leave us to our depraved designs
Please come to us (we need You) as Your love assigns

All of my life’s effort is but for One
It should verily glorify God’s own Son
When all my hours on earth are done
There will be for me a crown won

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