New Poems 4

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House That Never Sleeps

I Saw the Lines of Ageing
Creased on their face

Paradox – I was innocent …. So long ago
(Stars says Majesty; stable says poverty)

Every hungry baby’s weep
Restless groan of the sick
Whine of every lost sheep
Exposed Snoring uneasy
who sleep in the street
alcoholic’s insane rambling
prostitute’s cry distress deep
beaten wife’s sobbing spasm
Labouring child’s heartbeat
all injustice of man to man
God’s bruised world bleed
have all a hearing place
It’s the Father’s House keep
That never takes a rest.

House of the Helpless Sparrow & the swallow
Pitched betwixt mansion & mud hut’s shadow
Rejoicing with the joyful & weep with sorrow
Working night and day for a better tomorrow

Unthinkable, Once in Human History
God’s House became a fragile baby
Cradled in a smelly oxen’s manger
He was treated as unwanted stranger

House grown in every tongue\& tribe
Assailed often with cynical media jibe
Anvil that wore out every sage’s diatribe
Just as Jesus overcame Pharisee & scribe

House is awake to save the war orphan
Counsel unwed mother against abortion
Reforming loving Rebels out of rejection
Awaiting transformation for every nation

Not many noble, all not very learned
Not many wise, not many well placed
Yet a fraternity of compassionate care
In this grudging world its beauty rare
Uniting unlikely champions of grace
In all walks of life, nook cranny & place

Destroy this house I’ll build again, said the Master
Life gone, needy stand outside Old grand structure
House made of many silent revolutionaries’ passion
Without human hands – hearts knit in Christ mission

It’s this that He saw for future
When on the cross hanging
Seeing the joy set before
Bearing cruel pain unflinching
Seeing generations arising
Wondrous life Re-presenting
To dark hades Descending
Then victorious ascending
Rebels enlisted gifts presented ablaze
Wretched redeemed sing amazing grace

House beginning in Bethlehem ‘s baby
Fragile threatened by Herod’s cruelty
Sprawling while kingdoms wax & wane
Overtakes academia & the market place
Awaiting her glorious transforming
Father mother brother sister uniting
Every tear wiped Injustice set aright
Race is not to the swift nor to might
This is Our Father’s House
She all our passions arouse

Carter & cow team together
Nearly extinct feature
Marriage or trade helping villager
Both look aged – lines creased on the face
Four legged ready for the slaughter
Old man for the grave

Yelling out his sale
is the fish vendor
Beam with baskets
balanced on his shoulder
Super markets beat him to it
Friendly barter or banter
At the gate no more
I Saw the Lines of Ageing
Creased on their face
They once were family friends
Gone forever not of use

Dhobi caste by trade & rote
Once washed our dirty clothes
Wrapped clothes bundle on his back
Cheerful smile when late he comes
Creased lines tell the story
Of humble back breaking work
Launderettes have taken over
That we may all look smarter

Her hand now is trembling
Unable to hold the cup
She not only cared for me
But also for my progeny
Her skin is wrinkled
Face furrowed with creases
No more can she work for us
Comes smiling gratitude to receive
Hundred rupees easy for us
A great boon for old ‘amme’

Elders in police station
Begging for 24 hour dollar loan center locations attention
Sons & daughters turn aside
Pitiful life on road side
Frayed clothes
And creased faces
Tell their sorrow
And of better days


Lady earth in sorry state
Battered by cyclone black & blue
Ocean border eroding
Land mass quaking
her surface sure wrinkled
creases appear on her face
buccaneers bore deep holes
vomiting out her belly oil
it’s time for me to retire
fold myself into Father’s arms
mostly my progeny ungrateful
take as much as they can
giving back so little
saving none for tomorrow
it’s not God but our excess
decided the world’s regress

I watch the young & reckless
Vaunted beauty eyebrow raising
I’m yet to gather the creases
In time they come to us all
Knees bend slower – Back says – can’t
Teeth may rattle – eyes do dim
Yet I have a hero’s heart
Treasure in the right place
Where moth can’t eat
And Thieves can’t steal
Beauty of an inward spirit
Pastes cannot produce
Joy of a life well lived
Children raised to godliness
Fabulous Mansion made ready
Father’s face beaming I see

Not so long ago we kept the rules
We obeyed lines & used the tools
Tools now use us we are machines
Who’ll bring us out of deep ravines
Benefactors knew their God & their role
Doctors lawyers teachers made us whole
Beneficiaries blessed in patriarchal mould
Now Professionals their merchandise sold

Innocence incarnates in poverty
Born as human family
Star said grand majesty
Stable of abject indignity
Resisting Royal cruelty
As Immanuel was born Eternity

Amidst squalor as a victim & frail
Poor are pleased He’s in their pale
In the midst of priestly cunning
Wisdom of purity is brightly shining

Not so long ago my father was right
Me my measure – elder out of sight
Then mom was at home and mother
Now she’s fashion – she can’t bother

Child soon becomes an adult
Profligacy words rude insult
We are lords peers only consult
Young & broken is the sad result

World like Stable dark with dung
Animal farm jostles to power clung
Abysmal injustice of lowest rung
Defeated by a sweet anthem sung
Babe of Bethlehem became King
Babe the Star my vice conquering

Starry eyed some are
Some strive to be stars
Stars like meteors rise & fall
Star trek jungle ‘tis free for all
Stardom at what cost to sanity
I make fame fast with impunity

Humble service long forgotten
Ethic morality long forsaken
Fame & publicity digitalized dazzle
Man’s vain competition soul rattle

He walks amidst the chaos of our times
Unveiling knowledge one quark at a time
His finger pokes holes in man’s glamour
Oil spill, volcanic ash have us in a dither

Brightest star to stable came
Humanity His divinity veiled
One stable at a time He illumines
My heart & yours His dwelling be
Dung gives way to holiness
Mules bow to carry majesty
Oxen give up manger for His stay
Innkeepers then did not make Way
Corporate magnates wiser by trial
Debt crash oil spill humble the tyrants
Master speak over the billows
Calm them for us lest we drown
We made the storms El Nino La nina
We consumed all – help us now!!!

Come unto me who are weary with pride
Take my shalom your soul will delight
Spirit of man to rise again and rejoice
Holocaust stopped we hear His voice

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