New Poems 3

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Few Wise Virgins & The Beast

Fingerprints of God

There’s Going To Be A Golden Morning

It deserves the best effort
My utmost for His highest
We all know the theory
Work load is the enemy
Weekly had I an eighth day
I sure would make way
To do the biz of Father’s House
With all the passion I can arouse

It’s shortening of time like crazy
Our priorities get rather hazy
After my health giving morning walk
Having listened to the morning show talk
Run to office in the car
Work all day I cannot mar
Clean up the aquarium
Sharp at six the gymnasium
You know it’s the Cholesterol

Having run the rat race
Gone up the greasy pole
Climbed every mountain
Achieved the set goals
When I’m seventy
Methinks it’s time for divinity

Chaos pattern in the snowflakes
Ramifications of a green leaf
Sedimentation left by ancient flood
Varves of a winter lake
Seasonal Rings of an old tree
Stalactite and stalagmite
They all speak one language
How great art Thou they seem to say
Fingerprints of God since Eden
Footfall of God in the sands of time

You’ve skillfully knitted me
In my mother’s womb
Every organ designed
A person from conception
Unique genetic blueprint
Language of God writes
All my physical heredity
Spirit of God breathed in soul
Records my spiritual identity

Mom I am a person
I know your heart beat
Thank God you ne’er thought
Unwanted child is she
I’m here to grow more
Feeling your love warm
Day one to forty weeks
Father above to me speaks
I am glad you hadn’t a whisper
For research to me dismember

I see God’s fingerprints
As my grandson learns
Numbers words colour
Alphabet and humour
Milestones come on time
Dance & songs in rhyme


Fingerprints of God
In marriage & parenting
Heart has reasons
Beyond what head perceives
Thinking thoughts of God
Keppler discovers orbits
God doesn’t play dice
With cosmos – Muses Einstein

Fingerprints of God in space
Defies Einstein’s Relativity
Time dilates as God stretches
Small earth’s atmosphere
Into 14 billion light years
Of payday loan tv adverts starlight time & Galaxies
Six thousand year old earth
14 billion light years travel
Supernova spew out many stars
Unfolding splendor before eyes
Witness to creation before our time
Atomic clocks their age does chime
Space is God’s Kaleidoscope
By Hubble’s fine telescope
Skeptic & scientist to have hope
In God – without Him, we warp

None to die from euthanasia
Eugenics banished academia
Murder of the unborn
Relic of a grotesque past
Fingerprints of God
Uniquely me designed
My fingerprint is the seal
Of God’s personal appeal

Fingerprints of God tell us
There’s life after death
Anginal Pain before infarct
Warn get it right in your heart
Land of no pain nor quick gain
Your trust & fidelity not in vain
Its imprint is God’s footprint
Time’s over for famed sprint
Eternity bids me seek yonder
In stillness I wonder I ponde

When guns have shot their last bullet
Soldier unbuckled resting in the billet
Last shot finished – heroin no more
Last display of profligacy gone sore
Man returns to sanity amidst his vomit
Golden Morning comes our sins to remit

Daughter returns home giving up flat
Father returns no more racing like rat
Games that men played mouse and cat
Have lost allure our face fallen on the mat
O Golden Morning hope springs eternal
Human breast restored – blest relational

When races long severed love shall unite
Sword turns sickle – peace songs write
Media mendacity repents to humility
Family together again godly fraternity
Global buccaneers fail biting the dust
Sovereign nations one another can trust

Gadgets are servants no more the master
Laptop, blackberry iphone less sinister
Methinks my ancestor can’t be an ape
I’m made of better stuff & godly shape
Darwin ‘s deception ruined us enough
Freud’s concepts will not make us rough

Golden morning daffodils bloom smile
Earthworms return to aerate the soil
Air is clean tobacco gone out of stock
Paradise regained water, plants & rock
Restorer came just in time to salvage
Save humanity from our anti God rage

Golden morn light at end of the tunnel
To believe in God is wise & rational
Professions serve, economies liberated
Justice in Politics – labour remunerated
Utopia – man can’t deliver theories vain
Immanuel God amongst us will reign

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