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Collection of Songs & Poems
The collection of Poems is a wistful hope arising for Lanka, from the memory of a fragrant past, with trust in God who is the Father of every nation. In our time, St Thomas’ was a miniature nation with three language streams. It was a bastion of racial reconciliation. I am grateful to my teachers at St Thomas’ College and my parents who inculcated a love of Lanka and languages in me. College gave us in depth bilingual ability. Interacting with colleagues of the Medical Faculty helped broaden the scope of my thinking. However, it is only spiritual life daily received that came as resurrecting hope for low rate australian personal loans a nation, taking the form of poems and songs.
Over two hundred of us put our heart and shoulder together for the three drama musicals “Apeksha, Pooja and Sadeeptha” carrying the theme of Reconciliation of rifts and healing of bruises. They were Professionals of diverse fields and their children, who amidst rigorous work schedules worked tirelessly for the Musicals.
May this bless your heart to pray life for our nation since the terrors of Kilinochchi are now behind us. Let Lanka return to be the Isle of Serendipity.
My grateful thanks to Prof Carlo Fonseka, Dr. Ruwan Ekanayake, for introductory comments and to the friend whose contribution to Sadeeptha made this printing possible.

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