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O Roads of Sri Lanka – Resplendent Isle

O’ Ports of Lanka – Resplendent Isle

O Roads of Sri Lanka, We speak to you
Millions and minions daily use you
Some may stop to briefly thank you
Many may use, misuse, abuse you
O Roads of Sri Lanka, we bless you
We speak shalom, prosperity virtue

You serve the needy and the wealthy
You serve the oppressor and the oppressed
You serve the ruled and the ruler
You serve the servant and the master
You serve the vendee and the vendor
You serve the parent and the child
You serve the high and the low
We bless you O Roads of Sri Lanka

As you wind along our golden beaches
Or turns around our verdant scenic hills
You have brought the nations’ searchers
Who come to taste, Serendib’s thrills
Our nourishing rivers and fertile fields
Majestic elephants and ocean shields

O Roads of Sri Lanka, vexed and rushed
You are so furious, restless and fast
Your Saviour walks quiet and wise
See, Hear and live, free from vice
O Roads of Sri Lanka, we speak tranquility
Peace be to our streets! Joy, Serendipity

We are so happy bombs have not been
Sadly –a death every few hours seen
Roads of Sri Lanka , we speak well being
Concerned, caring let all be serene
Race is not always to the swift,
We remind you might is not right,

Dinosaurs like vehicles trample others
Some have much nothing for our brothers
Roads you have one and all equalized
You see the travailing poor marginalized
Joys spill over but many a tear and fear
In Highways and byways far and near

Lord we pray for our pavements
Many displayed goods and garments
Sweat and blood bring the payments
Wearing out life’s precious moments
Artisans ply their crafts but a few tricksters
Cobblers, welders, Two and three wheelers

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Vendors sell their fruit and vegetables,
Items and articles, true and false labels
Cease from destruction, foolish strife
Roads of Sri Lanka , Arteries of national life
Vitality from Point Pedro to Dondra head
Colombo to Batticaloa, Bless every head

Child to school and father to work
Mother to shop and brother to sports
Family on wheels, family on feet
All are served on many a street
Beasts of burden take their rest
Helping human stress and distress

Polluting vehicles, choking life
Strikers protest adding to strife
Banners of promise, banners of demand
Many Servile, Few in high command
Billboards invite more to consume
Some have much, most only fume

To a Weary traveler, Trees give shade
Celebrate success Procession and Parade
Funeral dirge life is a short recess,
Many survive, Few thrive and possess
O Roads you Stoop low to pitiful shanties,
God’s love to all, Man to man injustice.

O we grieve, terrified, vice rampant
Underworld unchecked violation flagrant
Street children and grey headed beggar,
Side by side is Greed and Hunger
Young urchins and haunted harlots
Where is death casting her lots?

Tit for tat in the road’s rat race
Who’ll to others give some space
Courtesy, kindness, patience and peace
Give up grabbing another man’s piece
To err is human Forgiving is divine
Sun of Righteousness, on us O shine

Police officers who shepherds are
Eschew graft, stand watch every hour
Roads of Sri Lanka life ways for people
You live for others fair to the feeble,
Races and religions, no pride no prejudice
Let the eye be pure without the jaundice
Full of sense and much sensibility,
This is what we pray – a Land of Nobility

Smiling Lanka Serendib to Arabs
Later Seylan, Ceylan not for grabs
Ports aplenty strategic location
Comparable beauty no other nation
Bruises tears heart aches & pain
Surely she will her luster regain

Ports of Ophir gold was abundant
Maritime business Isle Resplendant
Mannar was Ovir Emporium Great
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Thambapanni to some Taprobane
Sadly her fortunes wax & wane

Brilliant Pearl of the Indian Ocean
Land of battle and great commotion
Land of Ravana & Ancient enterprises
Valmiki narrates wonders surprises
Endowed Generously by her Creator
Isle beloved full of God’s splendour

Ships of Solomon loaded with Cinnamon
Apes Peacocks & spices cardamom
Sandalwood, sapphires tuskers’ ivory
Shipped to portray monarch’s victory
Spices turned to incense & worship
Renowned wisdom ancient scholarship

Ptolemy’s Taprobane of large proportions
Greeks or Arabs – trade with many nations
Decimated they say by an ancient Tsunami
During the times of the Vihara Maha Devi
Gold coast lost and Lanka humbled
Fortunes thru centuries ebbed & tumbled

East met West in Lanka’s Great Emporium
Time is right for a grudge moratorium
Races long severed united as brothers
Father Forgive  us – our many trespasses
O’ smiling Lanka your battle ceases
Where every visual prospect pleases

Port of Galle – was it Eastern Tarshish
Jonah fled vomited out by a great fish
Sir William Tennant writes with erudition
Ancient Ceylon ‘s scholarly rendition
Ports of Lanka yet a mighty attraction
We shall soon be a much sought nation

Trincomalee largest natural harbour
Bastian of British military ardour
Eyed by many huge Oil Tankers
Able to hide a fleet of destroyers
City of Peace where three races merge
Sinhala Tamil Muslim unity urge

Colombo Port ‘s opportunity Lost
Singapore ‘s Wealth Winning post
Famous Port of the British Empire
Many a famed ship found her lair
O Colombo where’s thy former fame
We pray you back to honour & fame

Hambantota – President’s wise choice
Readied to send forth a mighty voice
Help from China Fortune very near
No more economic woe lack or fear
Port of the World thriving & bustling
South of Lanka prosperity beaming

Our dear Island , I wipe thy tears
A Bard for thee I comfort thy fears
Bruises healed races well reconciled
Thy sons return from painful domicile
No more war, blood or terrorist wiles
Revived Nation blossoms and smiles

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