Deceased Authenticity

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I once Knew a Land of Hospitality

Exotic lanka – Reminiscences

Exotic lanka Part 2
Hope Deferred Heart Default

Serendib, Ceylan, Tambapanni, how Resplendent
Sights, Smells, Sounds, Splendours so abundant
Fauna Flora Pushaparaga red blue Sapphire brilliant
God’s bounteous Lanka makes words redundant

When I a child, many a tale I heard in concourse
Splendid Lanka God blessed full of life resource
“Uthura Nagenahira, Batahira, Dakunatha”, it was
“Eka Kodiye sevane” – My school teacher’s prose

Days of yore in Taprobane – West Met East’s Best
Rendezvous with God’s destiny, thou Isle of Zest
Golden beaches climb thru to gorgeous green crest
Romance of Hantana – tragic Lover’s leaping Nest

Climbing the Lion Rock Sinhagiri fine frescos to see
Beauty besides Kassapa castigated for patricidal fury
Prof Senarath profound story spun about kurutu gee
Too scared for the climb, poor me, I cried fearfully

On Educational tour, went to Inginiyagala reservoir
Brainchild of DSS, Nation’s forefather and pioneer
Seeing Molasses seethe, destructive dreadful brewer
Galoya Scheme green fields of rice and white sugar

Richest in fauna & flora, world’s first in biodiversity
Abounding potable water every reason for prosperity
Arts, crafts, pottery, ceramics – lithesome sensitivity
My bejeweled Lanka – witness to Divine Creativity

Birds of Lanka – Salalihini Kovul sound their toast
Like Peacock the national bird, Lankans they boast Woodpecker pecks till the Banana be his last post
Unkind man of greed, lays beauteous birds to roast

Live corals dance, blue waters of Unawatuna leisure
Fish for export & protein, Our Ocean full of treasure
Nilaweli, Kokilai – terror ends, afford much pleasure
Tsunami fears fade, no more immoral beach pressure

Orchids of world fame purple pink make pretty sight
Roses payday loans on check card splendid blooming for love as Double Delight
Providing bee’s honey medicinal with bodily might
Friend in sorrow some bloom even in darkest night

Fruits aplenty kalu, pol, Gira, mangos’ many flavours
Durian the terror – pine & wood apples tickle Jumbos
Amba Damba Naran Kesel Del Na Pana poetic savours
Blessed Isle bounteous bestowed by God with favours

Coconut nucifera Palm of the Isle; oil for poor or King
Versatile from root to top – provides roof and housing
Fibre products or desiccated, handsome export earning
Juggery, friend of the poor but fermented is the cursing

Varied hoppers – string, plain, egged, Wandu or treacle
Kavum, Ko-kiss, Asmi, Athiraha, recipe like an oracle
Kalu or sauw dodol, sales help vendors on tri or bi cycle
Innocent joys -care not, Cholesterol is the only obstacle

Thosai, vadai, chapatti sambar, Gee vie for equal status
Rasam, Mulligatawny members of Tamil culinary caucus
Food better than politics buries hatchet bringing amicus
Spears turn to pruning hooks – Arise National Consensus

Historians spill bile, peoples bruise,, bard’s hope forlorn
All prospects please, war in passion – pacifist earns scorn
Lanka mother to all, saber teeth words & violence torn
Heal Ocean’s Pearl – to the world again thy luster shown

I once knew a land of hospitality & family values
Where son & daughter to parents gave their dues
Three generations. by the fence would live & love
Now in three continents siblings thrive somehow

It’s such a long time – other land a fading memory
Races studying in one school sharing one’s culinary
Parents longingly wait in vain son studying abroad
He never comes back – his world is now so broad

Evening hours and weekends gave pleasure to all
Stroll by the golden shore, sand castles built so tall
’tis now all maddening pace – to perform & prove
Watch the TV heroics stuck in digital gore & grove

Abortion on demand, child thrown away to orphanage
Euthanasia, same sex marriage morals on the rampage
Cloning & Eugenics, who should perish men to decide
Gates for apocalyptic horses & hell are now open wide

Once the mother watched baby’s first curl, his smile
Attempt to crawl, stand, walk all recorded in a file
Father comes home to hugs, joy, help in the house
Every chore done added to spice between each spouse

Domestic fills the child’s life his smiles now are less
Building careers Parents have their own share of stress
Life is tough fittest only survive they cannot care less
Learning game rules Child grows fed on digital mess

Life to us so blessed of God, strongly knit in family
Our daughter’s hand taken, gentle spouse so kindly
My daughter now a mother, grand putha so bubbly
Bright & beautiful wise & wonderful cute & cuddly

I muse long carrying this tiny bundle of joy & love
Will his parents defeat tyranny of time – look above
Will the wonder of love & beauty surround suffuse
A child of destiny & promise, no good do we refuse

Two races one nation together the British we fought
We counted goals or runs as we did the merry sport
It’s no more bat & ball but shells, guns & battle field
Now we count the dead, body parts war games yield

Come beat this madness – restore brotherly kindness
Who will wash the blood and clean the sordid mess
Vanni mahanai Ruhunu putha brothers of one blood
O that killing fields give way to peaceful green sod

O God we hope for a day poor man has his grain
Bio fuel will not rob the hungry fattening the vain
O Father why do some have much but many starve
Dawn the day a Home for all – may your love carve

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