Blood For Preservation or Annihilation?

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A Little Boy Awaits Sadeeptha

Appa Why Did You Choose Blood

Apeksha Vision
Apeksha Recital
A Little Boy wistfully watched
Unkempt hair frequently scratched
Busy pavement unseeing many passed
Christmas shopping fury and fastBetter times the lad remembers
Father’s memory burning embers
One more cadre in Wanni’s battle
His world collapsed all unsettle

Father’s son on father’s shoulder
Last Christmas a happy toddler
He touches glass case toys to hold
No son – for money only they’re sold

Well lit shops display so dazzling
Why not for me it’s so puzzling
Few have much many not a dime
Will for me Christmas bells chime

Night’s so long civilian or soldier
Out of home without love or shelter
Madding crowd run helter skelter
Grab more, posses glamour & glitter

Centuries past to a maid & carpenter
Was born a Boy His bed was a manger
Straw & dung first Christmas decor
Poor as He was heaven’s ambassador

King sought Innocence to exterminate
Priests thought Him to excommunicate
Knowing not Peace Prince God Incarnate
Into one’s heart comes as Love Intimate

Soldier’s orphan son is one with Him
Who was Lord but suffered every whim
Poverty cruelty vengeance ignominy
This was His life from cradle to Calvary

Little boy without father arise A Dawn
Tears hushed bright Resurrection morn
You my boy and our Mother Lanka
Await! Await! a glimmer of Sadeeptha











I must have heard the bombs
In my emergency loans for low income families mother’s womb
Appa’s stories of victory
Tales of liberation glory

Deeply etched in my memory
The bomb that killed my brother
Flattening our nice house
Crippling my Appa forever

In hatred I fled my land of birth
Vowing to destroy our destroyers
Dreams of a doctor in my native land
Shattered I labour as a hotel hand

It’s so cold in Switzerland
The land we fought is far away
I meet a Sinhala girl next door
Working hard for a better day

Can I smile with a Sinhalese
They are our sworn enemies
But the girl working next door
Looks like me from same shore

She shivers- it’s too cold for her
\Looks like thangachchi in Vanni
Surprising her I give my pull over
Vanquished helping the victor

Now I work to send Francs home
To make thambi what I couldn’t
Does he know my knees ache
Cold & alone till the pastries bake

Thangachchi in a trench somewhere
Daring hate reckless despair
Cyanide relief around her neck
Life for her is a battle trek

For the cause she’ll give her life
Blown to pieces amidst strife
Our land is an unreal dream
Appa Why did you Choose Blood

Herded like chattel in jungles
Trees for shelter scarcity
Sandwiched in battle misery peril
“Why hast thou forsaken?”

Once a nation of poets & arts
Doctors, lawyers full of crafts
Scattered from Japan to Alaska
Refugees vagrants feared aliens

“Minds for a Future” Jaffna Had
Yal Panam O God with peace clad
Land of childhood joys and dreams
“Will you adopt me”, my heart screams

Equal citizens in one Lanka
Illangai land for all her people
Day dream or common destiny
Who wills to make it happen?

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Offers Gratitude to God for our Nation’s Resources

Lifts our hope – Overcoming gloom

Reconciles rifts & Heals bruises

Bridges gap between East & West

Heals bruises between north & south

Redeems work field injustices

Presents the best in Every Culture

Pleads with Decision Makers to be Shepherds

Appeals to Motherhood to Care

Honours Fatherhood

Represents Youth Aspiration

Intercedes for a Better Tomorrow

was a Moment that is becoming A Movement The Creator,

I am a tiny whiny Creature
Looking for a great aperture
To display my dazzling light
My perceived right & my might

I began to think…….

There is no greater power
Than the magic of a digital hour
Presenting sports, fashion or weather
My fame and image I gather

I began to think…….

Hurts hates triumphs & bruises
In my heyday gore & glory cruises
To get one up & over – so many ruses
In the final count – bitter broken truces

I began to think…….

How to get off the treadmill
when will the rat race be still
Weary of conquest of the nether hill
Climbing the greasy pole – stop, who will?
I concluded thinking……..

Spears to pruning hooks, Sword to ploughshare
Brothers sisters of one nation equally to share
Fever of Life runs down await the unborn generation
Help us Permanent Recorder – Tribute of Liberation

Nature red to the tooth utter dismay
There surely must be a better way
‘Tis my heart my passion gone astray
A Love from Above casts a hopeful ray

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