After Thought

The Anthology is written with the backdrop 10 minute cash loan of the Bruises of Sri Lanka, offering the hope of Christian Reconciliation.

War in Sri Lanka is ‘over’. There is a huge difference between how the minority race and the majority race feel about the end of the war. The work now begins to reconcile victims and victors. “Brothers We Were – Can We Try Again” is the only poem written after the conclusion of the war. I found many who knew me as an intercessor were dark faced even at me when the war concluded. At St Thomas’ College Mt Lavinia, which produced five Heads of State of Post Independent Sri Lanka, we studied in three language streams and felt like brothers. Certainly, followers of Christ are expected to rise above ethnicity.

We in Sri Lanka are at a point when a newborn son can come forth from each race – Sinhala or Tamil and from the Church. The son can be a new generation, who has peace in their heart. Or else, we can go back to our self destructive ways and blame the other. Sinhalese blame Tamils & vice versa and Church blames government as if God gave Government the mandate for peace. Much hostility 24 green street payday loans can be healed only by the Prince of Peace. This scenario is true for many nations.

The victimized feel intense pain, hurt & fear. Half the Church, God’s healing instrument is incapacitated by pain & offence. The other half is incapacitated by insensitivity. More we feel the knife edge of hostility directed at us, the more we empower those who oppose us and unjustly treat us. It is the noble man’s grace to overlook enmity. More we are like the enemy, the more his enmity will bite into us. If we are as tall as Christ in character, antagonist’s enmity will not be able to make inroads into us. How tall are you? Our reaction sharpens the weapons formed against us. Our godly response causes enemy weapons to be blunted.

Ancient Glory of Sri Lanka (Tambpanni)

I recently heard that some scholars think Ophir was Sri Lanka and we certainly sent Cinnamon to King Solomon’s temple (950 BC). Septuagint calls Cinnamon “Kekunanama” which is the Sinhala name. Also we have Ivory, peacocks, sandalwood, precious stones – latter more than any other nation.

1Ki 10:11   And also the navy of Hiram which brought gold from Ophir , brought in from Ophir great abundance of almug trees (sandalwood) and precious stones.

2Ch 9:10   And also the servants of Hiram, and the servants of Solomon who brought gold from Ophir , brought algum trees and precious stones.

What a blessed Isle. Blessed are the people who come to this Isle!!


  1. We sent Cinnamon to Solomon’s temple
  2. We have world’s highest biodiversity index
  3. We have the world’s highest quotient of potable water per hectare
  4. Largest blue sapphire and the most number of precious stones
  5. Famous for pearls in the past
  6. World’s best tea
  7. Fine golden beaches
  8. 126 rivers
  9. Tallest mountain per land mass ratio
  10. shrimp, lobster and sea food in abundance
  11. A mountain named Adam’s peak because the vegetation is so lush
  12. Strategic location in the Indian ocean with natural harbours
  13. Amazing coral life and tropical fish
  14. Most diverse cuisine according to Encyclopaedia Britannica

Can any good come out of war brutalized Sri Lanka? “ Can any good come out of Galilee?”, they asked. A Great Light shone into the world from Galilee. A great light will shine through from Sri Lanka.

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