Abortion_clip_image002“Konda pana nathi” (you have no back bone) is not the $100 payday loan direct lender issue under discussion but medical reasons for backache in younger males. Back ache in females and men above 50 years could have a very different pathology. However backache in men under 40 may respond very well to postural adjustments. Medical doctors may prescribe many ulcer causing drugs without giving the needed advice for postural adjustment. Notwithstanding the following recommended postural adjustments, real medical issues causing backache such as prolapsed disc, pancreatitis, renal disease must be excluded.

  1. Get rid of the spring mattress. You should feel the planks under the mattress. Do not cushion your young spine with too much comfort.
  2. Check your shoes. Some slick shoes are only good to be seen by others and not for walking. Your shoe sole (rather than your soul) should well support weight. High heels are no good for men. Check out whether your shoe wears out uneven. You may have to get fit right kind of shoe made.
  3. Wrong work positions are a plentiful source for backache in the young male. Tall men on chairs crouching over the table. Take a shorter chair or short people working at tall tables. Ensure that you have a recently straight backed chair. Some fancy office chairs may impress the client and ruin your spine. Working with computers long hours produce many wrong positionings
  4. Stress producing (on knees and back) fantastic work out machines that promise the impossible for your physique. Daily walking or twice a week swimming is all you need, regular fasting (scientifically proven to reduce risk of heart attack) and refund anticipation check eating in moderation.
  5. Wrongly adjusted driving seats or long hours in a vehicle with cramped position – the daily bread of the poor who have more things than backache to worry
  6. Wrong seat positions while watching TV or reading must be excluded
  7. Exercises to strengthen abdominal and back muscles will ease backache.
  8. A strong broad leather belt causes abdominal and back muscles to function together and eases back ache. Thin slick belts worn for fashion will not have the same effect
  9. Wearing the belt and trouser over the pot across the navel helps rather than under the pot. Pot increases when you wear the sarong without a belt.  It is better to wear shorts with a belt if you fell backache even at home.
  10. Get a motor cycle with a self starter rather than kick; may have to shift to four wheeler if backache is unrelenting
  11. Corns or other painful conditions of the foot causes your spine to take wrongly adjusted weight. Pain in the back may result from a foot in the mouth!!
  12. You must stick to your life partner because there are venereal conditions that cause urethritis and persistent backache. Having said that, it must be said that all backache must not be put down to marital infidelity.
  13. Violent jarring as happens in high & long jump, rugby, football in younger years can be the cause of backache in middle age.
  14. Hexes – if someone (you know who) is always calling you “Konde pana nathi miniha”


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