IF – Prof Rajasuriya


Quoted below is a 1 week cash loan prose composed by adapting Rudyard Kipling for the Medical Profession.

IF you can bear in mind that you are dealing
With human life and not with cases pray.
IF you can treat them without discriminating
Whether they are labelled pauper or to pay.
IF you can rush with equal alacrity
To see a case that needs attention stat
IF it’s no matter there is no buckshee in it
Yet if offered you.. can refuse it flat:.
IF you can by a. smile. cheer up the ailing
Or by a touch relieve a sufferer’s pain;
IF you can by a smile console the dying
who may never taste this earth’s tortures again
IF you can force your heart, your nerve and sinew
To work 10 dollar loan overtime for those who need your skill
IF all that counts is just the joy of serving
It matters not what happens to the bill.
IF you can wait and not. be tired by waiting
For the fame that one day perhaps you’ll earn
Cheap notoriety the while disdaining.
IF you can talk with touts and keep your virtue
Or treat big bugs nor with the poor loose touch.
IF neither wealth nor fame can yet corrupt you
IF all beings count with you. but none too much.
IF you fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds worth of work well done
You’ll then have reached a noble profession’s summit
And what is more you’ll die content my son

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