The injunction to remember the Sabbath—keep the Sabbath bad credit personal loans not brokers holy, covers an aspect uncovered by the first three commandments. The application of the third commandment can be nebulous. However all transactions had to be Godhonouring . God was the underwriter of every civil contract and His name undergirded the validity of contractual relationships in society. Society was to be a theocracy. So it is His name that is misused when men violate commandments 4-10. The very basis of truth emanates from the rigour of God’s nature. Sociological law depends on the goodness of man and serves teleological ends. If law is to be law, then it must have an ontogeny—an origin and a basis beyond man . The law designed for transitory human ends will degrade to be partisan and serve the interest of an elite oligarchy. Being true to God was being true to man. Without being true to God none can be true to man. The concept of “being true” needs an unshakable, constant reference point. God, the Absolute, provides that.

The fourth commandment may be looked upon as the first civil contract with the Creator Himself. This had both aspects of any law:

a)        The statutory requirement.

b)        The benevolence that follows obedience.

c)        The malevolence (penalty) that follows disobedience.

Man is decreed to obey because such obedience produces benevolent (gracious) results.

The Law is therefore intended to produce grace, for the obedient.

Law – – – -> obedience – – – ->benevolence.

good blood between God and you, you and fellow men.

Law – – – ->disobedience – – – -> malevolence.

bad blood between God and you, you and fellow men.

So Paul says, “The Law is good”.

Rom. 7:13—“Did that which is good, then, become death to me? By no means! But in order that sin might be recognized as sin, it produced death in me through what was good, so that through the commandment sin might become utterly sinful”.

Why did God stress the importance of the Sabbath over and over again ? Because God knew that a man who does not give God the veneration and worship due Him, by separating out a day of worship and rest, will oppress fellow man and break the following five commandments of civil contract as well. Sabbath was a commandment to enter into worship and rest on the set day. To do this, to desist from 1500 dollar loans for bad credit work was mandatory.This obedience underscores the basis of man’s existence, not himself or his work, but God, any society that ignores this premise will either breakdown into anarchy (freedom without form) or have few tyrants oppressing the majority (form without freedom). Actually both forms are anarchy before God, as the true Head of society is unrecognized. The only time any society had equal-rights-rule was when the majority thinking premise was Biblically christian . This happened in countries that whent through the 16th century Protestant reformation and in North America settled by those with a reformed faith. When the Christian premises eroded and secular Humanism took over, such countries converted into sociological Law—Laws of utilitarianism. Then various interest groups will lobby for their favored positions. Anarchy will supervene in every realm—politics, business, morals, law etc. Then the world will cry for a Machiavellian Prince to head up an egalitarian oligarchy. Such elitish manipulators will legislate, assuming they know all that is good for mankind and society.

Countries such as Sri Lanka received an ontogenetically derived law from the British. It is only Biblical premises that can make the law be king. (Samuel Rutherford). Most countries had a king who made law. Many former British commonwealth countries are falling into the hands of bandit regimes, where an oligarchy fatten themselves on the populace. Regional political godfathers are establishing a kind of gang rule. Such gangs of even the same political party will murder each other, since the concept of the political philosophy that united is no more. Local bandit-kings ruled most nations and territories even in the past. It was only in a foreign invader who provided a focus for unity. Even then, some local aristocrats jockeyed for power on the side of the invader. Such was the much vaunted patriotism.

Atheists are of two kind .

1.        Those who take order for granted and assume man was the origin of laws that produce form and equality before the law. Equality came because of the concept of “since man is Created in the image of theCreator he has inalienable rights”. These would be violated when the majority throw out such a Creator from their minds. ( Rom. 1:20-30).

2.        Those who reject any form or order

They are more logical though the consequences of such living are terrible. 2 Tim. 3:1-10.

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