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Religious Rituals

Man shall not immediate credit live by bread alone but by reasonable and unreasonable causes for action/war. It is Somerset Maugham who said, “it is not sufficient that I succeed but the other man must fail, if I am to be happy”. In a conflict neither side gives any credence to the opposite party. Marxist anarchy thrives on this perennial appeal to “fight the enemy”. To Hitler that enemy was all non-Aryans. To Marx, the capitalists. Humans have to be divided into opposite camps on most issues. The scientific community fights bitterly, defrauds research and so on. Education does not seem to transform the person within.

A guilty mind is the growing knowledge of a right standard violated. The social psychologists of the sixties were very anxious to cast out the guilty mind. ‘Religion’, they said, ‘was obsolete and the cause of guilt-feelings that are counterproductive to human development. There is nothing called ought , anything goes’ Homosexualism is in the genes, they said, but disagree with pederasty or bestialism. Why? Insteard of 1 hour advance loan a guilty mind, the present generation is left with an empty mind that craves, craves and craves!

Not I but the system is wrong, they think.

Cain was a secular religionist. Cain did not care for God or for his brother. However he brought a sacrifice? Why?

If there was any earthly reward he did not want to miss out on it. With a croocked heart, he wished to manipulate God. Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of being used as a cat’s paw? There are many even today who go through religious rituals hoping to gain their own ends. There are others who manipulate friends and colleagues for their great ends. They say the end justifies the means. Expediency is their motto.

Cain killed his brother, but protested when God dealt out to him a punishment much less than his crime. “Your punishment is too much for me to bear”. Cain complained. We expect to be treated better than we treat others. We do not expect cash net loans to reap what we sow.

A last minute ecological miracle will save the day for us. Now scientists speak of the miracle of the Big Bang, miracle of the first DNA, miracle of the hopeful monster that became a new species in one instantaneous incredible mutation. Hey presto! Why can’t it be a Miracle of the Creator?

Man alienated from God, the Supreme Good, will deal treacherously with fellow man. Treachery marks all of human life—religious squabbles for ecclesiastical thrones, political battles, scientific and academic advancement, sports… Whatever!

Cain killed Abel but felt no guilt. He justified his action. Cain worshipped earthly success. That god demanded his brother’s life. How many today have sacrificed friendship, family, morals and children to worship this tyrannical god?

To us who are thus tyrannized, Jesus Christ says, “Come unto me ye who are weary and heavy laden; I’ll give you rest”. Matt. 11:28.

You could have the Lord living in your heart and blessing your endeavours with His Peace.

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