It is with gratitude and great pleasure that I pen this Foreword to be published in Dr Lalith Mendis’ latest contribution to the process of educating people on the subject ‘Right Learning & Recovering Childhood’.

This invaluable monograph deals with such sub topics as ‘Right and Left Brain Balance in Brain Wiring and Learning’, ‘Prevention and Reversal of ADHD, Inattention and Agitated Behaviour’, and ‘Prevention and Reversal of Addiction to Cartoons, Digital Games and Other Addictive Behaviours in Childhood.’ It will prove a very useful guide to both parents and teachers as together they seek to find ways to deal with what has become a problem of epidemic proportions.

Both parents and teachers are unable to adequately respond to the problems children are facing today due to ignorance on the one hand and the inability to accept reality on the other. Dr Lalith Mendis has devoted the past few years of his work and ministry to educating and empowering parents and teachers about the complexities involved and offers a positive way forward to help them deal with the issues.


Dr Mendis’ passion to help parents and teachers has extended to the whole new area of digital health, in an age when dependence on digital media has become obsessive among all age groups but particularly children from a very early age. The direct impact of digital media on the mental development of children has been well analysed in this book and it is therefore essential reading for parents who often give their children access to digital media in a bid to keep them occupied.


While thanking Dr Mendis for his passion and commitment I commend this book to parents and teachers with the hope that it will be of use to them in helping the children in their lives to flourish and bloom in life.


The Rev’d Marc Billimoria


St. Thomas’ College,Mount Lavinia.

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“Pay attention, Parents and Educators, to the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)”, seems to be the clarion call from Dr. Lalith Mendis. He has distilled his thoughts, his rich and eventful encounters and the personal diverse experiences harvested through the years on this subject and has embellished the contents with knowledge gleaned from the multiple roles he plays in society, as a father and grandfather, a medical doctor and scientist and as a teacher and mentor.

ADHD is a developmental neuropsychiatric disorder in which there are significant problems with executive functions such as attentional control and inhibitory control that cause attention deficitshyperactivity or impulsiveness which is not appropriate for a person’s age. Despite being the most commonly studied and diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children and adolescents, it still lurks and stays under the radar disguised simply as a mischievous kid in many a class room.

This book fills a yawning hiatus in the field and has successfully infused a fresh whiff of knowledge and optimism to parents, care givers and doctors.  In the present time adults and children alike are bombarded by the pernicious spin offs of a digital revolution which virtually grab our undivided attention resulting in the detachment and fragmentation of factors like human and personal interaction and other social and spiritual elements which dictated our lives in the predigital era.

The book advises and guides one throughout the journey of understanding, detecting  and managing the disorder. It also attempts to tell you the “right way” to go and serves as a road map to the stakeholders in a simple and smooth flow of language as you arm yourself with facts and knowledge of what is normal and what is not. It is a readable, informative and down to earth book for those who are in the “front line”, such as parents and educators.


Prof. Rohan W. Jayasekara

MBBS, Ph.D [N’Cle.U.K.] C.Biol.,FSB [Lond] [Hon] FCSSL

Chair & Senior Professor of Anatomy

Founder Director – Human Genetics Unit

Medical Geneticist

Former Dean – Faculty of Medicine, Colombo

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