Titanic Decision is Before you

Titanic – Last message: ‘We are sinking fast….cannot last much longer’

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2012 April 15 th , 100 years after Titanic sank, what would earth be like? What are the geriatric signs of mother earth?

Can one third of world’s ships be destroyed in one day? Can when Atlantic Mega-tsunami happens and it is predicted …… in (look below).

Can one third of world’s potable water become poisonous in one day? Yes with a nuclear leak and it is predicted in (look below)

We can be thankful that Sri Lanka in April of 2009 averted UN action like the one at present underway in Libya . An excuse was found to invade a sovereign nation. Will the next UN sanctioned invasion be Israel ? Strong national leaders are being removed by a global agenda. Japan ‘s economy is now weakened and vulnerable for takeover by those who wait like vultures to attack wounded nations

The RMS Titanic, that ill-fated luxury liner now known all over the world, had a passenger list of some of the world’s richest and most influential people. It also carried on board a host of middle class, and blue collar workers.

Its full compliment of travelers ranged from the very rich, to the very poor; very successful men, along with those who were struggling just to make ends meet. There were those who were highly educated and well traveled, alongside those who had no education to speak of, and for whom The Titanic voyage would be their first….and unknown to them their last trip.

The Great Ship was supposedly unsinkable, yet she went down in the icy waters of the North Atlantic on her maiden voyage in the early morning of April 15, 1912. 99 years ago .

Over 1500 perished at sea; there were fewer than half that number that survived.

Despite all the life circumstances that distinguished this vast group of people from one another, at shore their names were posted in two simple and unmistakable columns – SAVED and LOST.

In the end that was the only difference that truly mattered.

Japan & World Dominion

My heart is sad and heavy for God’s son Japan . It looks to me that he was used by others and he abused himself with workaholism, no God and self sacrifice, performance for proof, all the signs of fatherhood fracture, emperor worship and Pharaoh domination. Now Japan is becoming the problem child wanted by none but God. His former friends are despising him and blocking his exports. The Global Corporate has no time for weaklings.

It is important to understand Japan in their historical role. Japan always had world dominion in its sights. Japan readily did lend herself to Hitler’s expansionist agenda because it blended well with their intention . After Hiroshima , world dominion shifted to the economic realm. US economy was in Japanese hands and that looked like sweet revenge for Hiroshima . It was China ‘s investment that saved US from Japan . Japan was a key player in the trilateral Commission. Wittingly or unwittingly, global planners used Japan ‘s technology 200 payday loan no credit check & work drive to economically subjugate USA and other nations. West lost out to Japan and had to play along. The superrich of these countries Japan included, especially Bankers planned the Global Economic Order. Every nation’s wealth was to get into the hands of the global planners. Japan ‘s technological supremacy was singly used for this end more than any other factor. The moral collapse in the west which contributed to deteriorating word ethic made Japan the invincible hero. A US Presidential plant was needed to agree to globalism. It is ironic that in abstaining, both Russia and Germany read the UN sponsored French led strike on Libya , as dangerous meddling with nationally sovereignty.

A weakened Japan plays into the hands of European global planners, who cannot have any one strong nation. USA had to be made weak. Japan is now weak. Global planners will work on Germany & China to make them weak. I expect Japan to have their eyes opened when killer sharks attack her after she has been weakened by the tsunami crisis. Already they are planning how to get the Japanese & Saudi savings into the mobile global liquidity market to promote which the global casino called the stock market was launched. It exposes nations’ wealth to global buccaneers. Japan will back out of the global monster she helped form and will be saved by the Lord. That is the blessing of the disaster. Global planners will say it is too costly to rebuild Japan . Let’s just get their saving for more profitable “global development”, which is the euphemism applied to projects that drain national wealth to global coffers in the guise of development. China will oppose the global economic tyranny and will even be helpful in saving Israel . Dan 11:44

Can one third of world’s ships be destroyed in one day? Can when Atlantic Mega-tsunami happens and it is predicted in Revelation chap 8 vs 9. Rev 8:9 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.

Can one third of world’s potable water become poisonous in one day? Yes with a nuclear leak and it is predicted in Revelation chap 8 vs 11. the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

Geriatric Signs Of Mother Earth

Titanic sailed off with less than 25% of the number of life boats required. When questioned the Captain said, “Even God cannot sink the Titanic”. God didn’t but an iceberg did because the Titanic did not reduce speed in the sea littered with icebergs. Her companion, SS Californian did. All on SS California were saved. When the lower deck of the Titanic took in water, the revelers ascended to an upper deck Dance hall, because even God could not sink the Titanic. The world has ignored the eco preservation limits that act like the life boats, for our preservation. SS Californian was faulted for not responding to the title max loans distress call of the Titanic.

Similarly it will sober us this morning to realize that this planet Earth, a Great Titanic on its maiden voyage in the planetary system, is itself on a collision course with a great and dreadful Day of increasing disasters. Many of these ‘apocalyptic’ disasters are of man’s making (eco & nuclear horrors) and others may merely be geriatric signs of mother earth . Viz. increasing instability of tectonic plates accelerated by deep oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico Though many scoff at the thought, the unthinkable will happen – the unsinkable will sink. We already see the signs of that which will be.

And on that final Day when the names are posted on the nether shores, we will not be listed according to our wealth, status, fame, achievements, religious affiliation or ethnicity.

No. There will be but two columns of names recorded in august and sobering finality – SAVED and LOST.

On which list, my friend, will your name appear?

Apocalyptic Disasters

Some of the apocalyptic disasters described, can now be given feasible explanations. I do not know whether this is good or bad news, because many naturalists like the world to go on forever. For instance, can stars fall on earth?

Rev 8:10-11 And the third angel sounded, and a great star burning like a lamp fell from the heaven, and it fell on the third part of the rivers and on the fountains of waters. (11) And the name of the star is called Wormwood, and a third part of the waters became wormwood. And many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter.

Solar flares will look like stars and will probably have nuclear fall out effects. IT specialists are anxious about the weakening of the earth’s magnetic screen (ionosphere, magnetosphere) over the Atlantic Ocean . This makes way for solar flares to fall on earth. Five weeks ago one such solar flare caused disruption of Radio & Tele communications over Scandinavian countries. A Solar Maximum can produce the effects of Rev 8:11 and 6:12-14. Some NASA scientists have spoken about a Solar Maximum in 2012 which can produce power outages and communication disruption like the event of 1859 Sep 1st. (Carrington Effect)

Lessons from Titanic – sank on April 15 th 2012

  1. Did not take enough lifeboats because even God cannot sink
  2. Because of this belief even when early reports of icebergs came, the Titanic did not reduce speed
  3. Two watch outs on the Crow’s Nest had no binoculars
  4. Captain went to sleep
  5. Wireless officer was doing his own messages and did not receive the danger message sent by SS Californian. He said, “Shut up you idiot”.
  6. Iceberg – more out of sight
  7. Identified Iceberg too late
  8. Only the Fourth Officer escaped – his wife was praying past midnight until 4 am when he was picked up by lifeboat
  9. First class passengers had 60% chance of survival. What is your class of faith?

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