This is Not god but Man

Japan ‘s Sorrow is our Sorrow

I know not with $6000.00 personal loan for bad credit what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. — Albert Einstein

Robert Oppenheimer, “I am become Death,” he said, “the destroyer of worlds.”

We are all saddened by what happened to Japan , the nation that became the miracle of Asia, arising from the ashes of Hiroshima & Nagasaki . Sri Lanka has every reason to be grateful to Japan that has generously helped our nation, in gratitude to the Colombo Plan of 1950, which proposed reconstruction of Japan after the Second World War. This is the time all kinds of people ask, “Where is God. If He is there and if He is all good, why didn’t He stop tsunami and radiation leak?”

BP drilled for deep oil in the Gulf of Mexico and caused billions of barrels of deep high density oil (responsible for stability of tectonic plates) to leak. This obviously destabilized the Tectonic arrangement resulting in the worst quake in Japanese experience and the tsunami. Why was it the worst? Because Deep oil drilling, adversely affected an ageing tectonic system. The Bible claims that the earth will become old like a garment.

If God is and created the world, since it had a beginning, the globe must have an end. This is no doomsday prophet. It’s common sense. Earth tectonics, eco balance systems, ocean warming, ice caps melting, consumable resources dwindling, human genome’s increasing instability – they all say one thing – time is up we are hanging up – humans get ready for D day. Even human morals, disruption of family, disuse of marriage institution, abuse of sex, increasing suicide, child violence – all say time is up. Those who do not believe do not acknowledge creation and have to logically posit that cosmos had no beginning. No end. Therefore no God. They have to posit billions of years as the father of creation. “Father time & mother chance begat Earth & all”, says evolution. If you are happy with the latter belief system, work with it and do not ask “Why God?”, when you believe no God.

God did not split the atom – man did . God made the atom as the basic building unit of matter. Of course man had the intellectual ability to split the atom. Man was not satisfied with eating from the tree of good & life but he wanted to eat from the tree which makes good evil. What was an attempt to stop Hitler ended up with bombing of Japan . It is ironical that Japan has begun the nuclear holocaust. Who will apologise to Japan ? The history of the development of the atom bomb is cloaked in mystery. Now man will pay for the greed with which they thought they could use nuclear power at will. It is not Iran that has endangered human species but the darling of the technological revolution – Japan. What if we opted not to use nuclear energy but conserve other energy sources? What if we had cut down on unnecessary high turnover, high consumerist industries viz. armament, motor vehicles, toys, cosmetics, confectionaries, fashion? It is not God who destroys; man chose destructive consumerism. He is now consumed.


When we search & research knowledge and apply without heart wisdom and no reference to God given boundaries, we reap disaster. Obviously nuclear stockpiles and nuclear disasters can bring the apocalypse. Besides this man has done few other things that has endangered life on planet earth.

  1. Deep oil drilling was one such disaster. This no doubt has caused instability of Tectonic Plates. Enormous deep oil lacunae act like hydraulic and heat absorbers.
  2. Meddling with the human genome is another disaster waiting to happen. Human Genome shows instability which has resulted in increase of cancer
  3. Creation of viruses for biological warfare is another scientifically engineered disaster. Some claim AIDS virus was created this way. Brilliance of man destroyed him.
  4. Nanotechnology will also produce monsters and monstrous irreversible effects.
  5. Trans-genes in corn (bacterial gene spliced to the corn genome) probably produced prion particles, that were responsible for mad cow disease. (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis).
  6. Genetically modified seeds substituting natural seeds – promotes plagues, famine, agrochemical poisoning.

Will you insist on worshipping human ingenuity?


The atom was split by a committee headed by Robert Oppenheimer, sanctioned by the President of USA. The first test nuclear explosion happened on July 15 th 1945. Uranium Bomb innocently named “Little Boy” was dropped on Hiroshima on 6 th August 1945. Plutonium Bomb nicknamed “Fat Man” was dropped on Nagasaki on the 9 th in spite of Germany surrendering on the 7 th .

Nuclear Power – license to mass kill (1940)

Hitler was a product of Social Darwinism. John Dalton discovered the structure of the atom. Fermi developed the safe chain reaction to split the atom & release phenomenal power. Calculated risk taken to stop Hitler endangering all future generations. Einstein was persuaded to persuade the US President to assemble nuclear bomb. Though the initial impetus for the development of the bomb—a perceived arms race with Nazi Germany —had been shown unnecessary (when the German program was discovered to be stillborn by the Manhattan Project’s ALSOS investigation), Oppenheimer and his scientists pressed on. To some physicists, including Edward Teller and Leo Szilard , using the weapon on a civilian area would be a moral travesty. A petition was circulated at the labs in Los Alamos and Oak Ridge pleading that use of the bomb against civilians would be immoral and unnecessary. Oppenheimer opposed the bad credit student loans guaranteed approval petition and warned Szilard and Teller not to impede the project.

Upon witnessing the test explosion on July 15 th 1945, its creators had mixed reactions. Isidor Rabi felt that the equilibrium in nature had been upset as if humankind had become a threat to the world it inhabited. Robert Oppenheimer, though ecstatic about the success of the project, quoted a remembered fragment from the Bhagavad-Gita. “I am become Death,” he said, “the destroyer of worlds.” Ken Bainbridge, the test director, told Oppenheimer, “Now we’re all sons of bitches.”

On August 6 , 1945 , the ” Little Boy uranium bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima , Japan . Nazis surrendered on Aug 7 th . Yet the Director, Robert Oppenheimer, persuaded people behind the scenes to drop the Plutonium bomb because they wanted to have the satisfaction of observing its success. Three days later , the ” Fat Man plutonium bomb was dropped on Nagasaki . Hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed immediately by the two bombs, and many more would die as a result over time. Co-Pilot of the B29 that dropped the A bomb (little boy) said , “My God what have we done?” Naming of the bombs as Little Boy & Fat Man showed their pun on a grievous issue. The pride which Oppenheimer had felt after the successful “Trinity” test was soon replaced by guilt and horror, though he never said that he regretted making the weapon. The immediate moral fall out was as obvious as the radioactive fall out.

Great deal of secret maneuvering took place about splitting the atom though many scientists feared the consequences and Oppenheimer with his dark personality pushed it thru. Similar dark dealings are afoot to meddle with the genome, sponsor eugenics & legalise germline therapy. One fears for sense & sensibility about the meddling with the genome that may produce Frankenstein monsters.


Oppenheimer & Einstein

Einstein’s equation of E=mc² was the basis of the mass to energy translation in the atomic bomb. Einstein who began humbly acknowledging, “God will not play dice with His Cosmos”, became increasingly skeptical, as he received much popular adulation. After 1922 he absorbed himself in researching for a “Unified Field Theory” because he saw the uniformity of natural law. Because he looked for a theory to eliminate God rather than acknowledge God was the theorizer, he drew a blank and other scientists overtook Einstein. Max Planck who was a founding Physicist for Quantum Theory was a firm believer in God. After he excluded God from his thoughts Einstein could not arrive at any significant scientific breakthrough .

Oppenheimer became credited with being a founding father of the American school of theoretical physics, and developed a reputation for his eclecticism, his interest in languages and Eastern philosophy, and the eloquence and clarity with which he thought. But he was also troubled throughout his life, and professed to experiencing periods of depression so profound that only hard work was a “palliative.” A tall, thin chain smoker who often neglected to eat during periods of intellectual discomfort and concentration, Oppenheimer was marked by many of his friends as having a tendency to self-destruct, and during numerous periods of his life worried his colleagues and associates with his melancholy and insecurity. He developed numerous affectations, seemingly in an attempt to convince those around him—or possibly himself—of his self-worth. He was said to be mesmerizing, hypnotic in private interaction but often frigid in more public settings. His associates fell into two camps: one which saw him as an aloof and impressive genius; another which saw him as pretentious and insecure. His students almost always fell into the former category, adopting “Oppie’s” affectations, from his way of walking to talking and beyond.

“We made the bomb, not without difficulty, but very much on time. I was working in Los Alamos, Leo Szilard was working in Chicago . I got a letter from him saying, “The Nazis have surrendered, we need not drop the bomb . It is sufficient to demonstrate it. Get signatures to support the petition.” I wanted to, however, I could not do that without asking the permission of our very popular director, Robert Oppenheimer . Oppenheimer said, “Absolutely, not. We don’t know enough. People in Washington ought to decide.” He persuaded me, in principle, that he was right. However, what I did not know was that Oppenheimer was chairing a very secret committee. It consisted of him, Fermi, Compton, and Ernest Lawrence . Robert Oppenheimer persuaded the others (who were reluctant) to recommend to drop the bomb right away. Was it a mistake? Should we have done it? I will give you a very complete, clear, and correct answer. I don’t know. It is true that the Second World War killed 50 million people. The atomic bombs killed 150,000. Had the War gone on for another month, more people would have died. Yet, could it have been possible to demonstrate? Start the atomic age in a much more peaceful,

•  The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.
— Albert Einstein

•  I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
— Albert Einstein

•  The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking…the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker.
— Albert Einstein

We really have spoilt a beautiful well designed planet.

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