Global food Crisis

WB, IMF, ADB have restricted best for loans countries producing their own food (as they did for paddy cultivation in Sri Lanka) so that food purchases from other countries will make middle traders rich. Many countries were allowed to produce only one kind of food so that middle merchants will profit. Thailand – rice only, Sri Lanka – Tea only , Australia – sheep must die; wheat only

Cash crops substituting foods – E.g. criminality of tobacco cultivation in the third world for production of cigarettes for first world, gherkin, cane sugar

Diverting grain for bio-fuel – 25% reduction of wheat supply some has gone for bio-fuels and corn is substituted because of higher yield of oil. This is in spite of huge petroleum reserves which are reserved for the tomorrow’s indulgences of the world’s rich, while poor have their today’s food snatched from their hungry mouths

Destruction of food reserves to keep the prices high in the world market

Seeds are being patented and as a result the prices of seeds are getting beyond the farmers. Furthermore seed patenting has resulted in online loan reviews lower genetic diversity. The same strains of wheat or corn or rice get globalised making them susceptible to destruction by disease. Fruits from patented seeds alone can be exported. Farmers have to pay high prices for patented seeds. E.g. red lady papaya in Sri Lanka

The manipulated seeds and genetically modified seeds need expensive petroleum based fertilizers further reducing the farmers’ profit. The global pundits keep preaching about high yielding seeds with more fertilizer, to keep more fallow ground and forests untouched. Untouched for whom? These bare lands must remain uncultivated so that the consumerist madness of the affluent countries with its accompanying global warming may be checked. The message is – We will continue to make merry but preserve the forests in your nation to purify the atmosphere we pollute by our indulgence. The world’s largest turnover industries are armaments, motor industry, cosmetics, confectionaries, toys, fashion. How little of this we need?.

A great market has been created for fruits and vegetables which are going beyond the reach of the poor. For whom is the cash loan online green revolution? For those who overeat cholesterol and need to balance their food. The hungry have no cholesterol problems but are encouraged to grow fruit and vegetables that they may sell to middle men, which bring them a little money from which they cannot buy the much needed grain.

The same indulgent life styles have caused global warming causing Ecological blunders producing drought and floods. These have destroyed the harvest in increasing frequency.

Excessive meet eating by the affluent where grain goes for animal fodder leaving children hungry.

Globalisation of standards killing small national enterprise.

Spiralling heath costs and pharmaceuticals ably helped by the non-rational prescribing habits of doctors who keep the pharmo- chemical companies thriving, take the money that should go for food ,

Many manoeuvres have made it impossible for the food producer to sell his own produce. In the poultry business chicks, feed to drugs are supplied by the owner. The harvest is taken by the supplier. The farmer gets a labourer’s rate for feeding the poultry. Farmer is a slave in the system.

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