The media and religion

Often, media hectoring personal loan low interest rate of pro-lifers is accompanied by thundering about keeping religion separate from politics, imposing morality on others, and abusing ‘fundamentalists’ who actually believe that the Bible is important in deciding moral questions. Two points:

People might get the wrong impression that the secular media really are against religion mixing with politics or imposing morality. They are not! The important questions are: ‘Which religion should be mixed with politics?’ and ‘Whose morality should be imposed?’ Humanists have no qualms about imposing the religion of humanism4′ on society, especially the government payday lender school system. And of course, all laws impose morality—laws against murder and rape impose on murderers and rapists the moral view that murder and rape are wrong! It seems the only acceptable morality to impose is one that agrees with the media elite. Imposition is certainly the right term—pro-abortionists not only want the ‘choice’ to kill unborn babies, but to coerce taxpayers to fund this ‘choice’.

• The media aren’t opposed to quoting Bible verses! Not, of course, if the verses are used to support what’s generally understood to be quick quid payday loans traditional Christian morality—that would be unthinkable. But it’s OK to twist Scripture to support a liberally-approved cause. This was amply shown above in the inane eisegesis by Senator Smith quoted with approval by the news reporters. The media also tend not to mind wrenching out of context passages against judging others (the context was always against hypocritical judgments, while righteous judgment is eommanded—John 7:24)—but only to justify a ‘non-judgmental’ view of practices approved by the liberal elites, e.g. abortion, I

homosexual activity, fornication etc.—judging

‘fundamentalists’ and creationists is OK, of course!

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