Scientific issues

• Stem 100 day loan advance cells are those with the potential to form many different types of tissue

• They are found not only in embryos but in many types of non-embryonic and even adult tissue

• Their potential for growing many types of tissue means that they show promise for treating many types of diseases and disabilities

• The best treatments to date are from non-embryonic stem cells, and the best source so far is liposuctioned fat

• Conversely, embryonic cells have had no successes, and experiments have shown potential dangers

• Embryonic stem guaranteed payday loans richmond va cell research is closely linked with human cloning

• Human life begins at fertilization

• Therefore, ESCR and human cloning inevitably lead to death of tiny human beings

Ethical issues

• The Bible teaches that humanity starts at the beginning of biological life

• Since murder, intentionally killing human life, is wrong, it follows that ESCR, human cloning and induced abortions are wrong because they all involve intentiona1 killing of human embryos

• Genesis 2:7 does not support the view that the human embryo does not have a soul or humanity

• The online payday loans california secular media is largely biased towards abortion

• The secular media is not against imposing one’s religion or morality, as long as it’s humanistic religion or – morality

• The successes of non-embryonic stem cell treatment have largely been overlooked

• Justifying the killing of embryos for research or medical i benefits will help dehumanize them in the eyes of the public, and perpetuate the idea that one class of humans is expendable

• The previous point seems to be the real agenda behind the push for ESCR

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