Other Pro abortion rationalizations

There are several other pro-abortion 1 hr payday loans arguments that have surfaced recently, although they are not new.

Identical twins

Reference 31 cites claims that it is ethical to research embryos up to 14 days, because there is the possibility of forming identical twins. This supposedly means that it is ‘illogical … to treat an embryo as an individual if it could still become two people’, and claims that a minority of Roman Catholic philosophers reason ‘that the soul, the hallmark of the individual, could not enter an embryo that has the capacity to divide in two’.

But this is fallacious. Twinning may be a form of asexual reproduction, where one embryo divides into two, but this doesn’t mean that s/he wasn’t an individual before then. Rather, s/he was one of those rare individuals with the capacity for asexual reproduction. As usual, the point can be clarified by substituting teenagers for embryos, a morally valid substitution if the embryo is human, and positing a world where a small percentage of teenagers split into two identical ones on their 1 6t1 birthday. Then it would be less plausible to argue that the teenager wasn’t alive before s/he split, or that life didn’t begin till

The early embryo doesn’t look human?

Newsweek uses a picture of a 3-day-old embryo, apparently with the aim of convincing people that it doesn’t look human, so it isn’t truly human. But arguments from appearance are often deceptive.

• Statues and store mannequins look human, but are not; abnormal-looking humans like the ‘elephant man’ advance cash title loan are still human. The important thing is that the latter and not the former are individual members, like us, of the single created kind humanity i.e. descendants of Adam and Eve (corresponding to the man-made classification of genus Homo).

• Therefore, the 3-day-old embryo, being an individual descendant of Adam, does look human—just the way a 3-day-old human should look! A five-year-old doesn’t look like an adult human, but it doesn’t mean that a five-year-old is not human—rather, s/he looks like the way a five-year-old should look.

Most zygotes never make it to term?

On a recent BBC series, The Human Body, there was fascinating live photography of conception and the growth of the embryo. But the program asserted that only one in six survive to term. This rather seems like the various figures bandied about with human and chimp DNA similarity37—they seem to grow with the telling—is it 96% or 99%? Other figures are very different, saying that 50— 80% survive.38

But this is irrelevant to the humanness of the embryos. For comparison, there are parts of the world where there is a high infant mortality rate, but this doesn’t mean that infants are not human. And of course, all we humans have virtually a 100% mortality rate! But the fact that all people will die naturally does not make it acceptable to commit murder, so an allegedly high embryonic mortality rate does not make it acceptable to destroy embryos intentionally.

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