Media mendacity

The 1 July 2001 cover of Newsweek read: ‘The Stem payday loans in huntington beach ca Cell Wars: Embryo Research vs. Pro-Life Politics: There’s Hope for Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s and Diabetes. But Will Bush Cut Off the Money?’22’39 Unfortunately this is typical of the media deceit about prolifers—usually there are emotive arguments about denying ‘a woman’s right to choose’, raising the phony spectre of horrific back-alley abortions,4° and more recently, claiming that the handful of shootings of abortionists (which we deplore—two wrongs don’t make a right) is somehow typical of the millions of pro-lifers. This time the media are trying to lay a guilt trip on pro-lifers for allegedly denying 5000 personal loan with bad credit hope to sufferers of diseases and disabilities. As shown above, this is deceitful, mainly because it downplays the real human lives that would be extinguished, and also because it ignores the many successes of non-embryonic stem cells.

The agenda seems to be—convince people that it’s OK to discard embryos in the name of research, which will entrench a view in the public mind and the law of the land that embryos really have no humanity. Or else it will encourage the idea that it’s acceptable to kill one class of humans to benefit another. joint loans for bad credit Then the pro-abortionists would have won the entire argument that the preborn have no real intrinsic rights. The slippery slide is that all unborn babies could be defined as disposable tissue rather than a unique human individual. And as Peter Singer shows, the slippery slide won’t stop at birth. If a culture discards Christian morality, advanced scientific knowledge won’t prevent disaster, but rather, make it more horrific. Germany at the time of the Nazis was the most scientifically and culturally advanced nation in the world.

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