There is a strong money fast link between ESCR and human cloning, which was demonstrated in practical, economic terms when the stock of companies involved in ESCR plummeted when the US Congress banned human cloning.

Therefore it’s worth summarizing the issues (for more information on both the scientific and ethical issues involved in both human and animals cloning).

The fact that life begins at fertilization is the main reason that human cloning is wrong. Such experiments would inevitably cause embryos, i.e. tiny human beings, to be formed and intentionally destroyed. This can be shown by comparing the effort required to make the first mammal clone, the famous Dolly the lamb. Ian Wilmut, her ‘maker’, took 277 tries to get it right. This would be a loss of human life, which is unacceptable, and University of Pennsylvania bioethicist Art Caplan called it ‘barbaric human experimentation. The 1000 loan bad credit no guarantor way this science is now, it’s not working well in animals. You don’t want to do it in people.’ Significantly, Wilmut also does not support human cloning.

Also not surprising is that Panos Zavos, a former University of Kentucky researcher, who announced plans to clone humans (outside the USA) claimed that human cloning is ‘part of human evolution’.29 If he means gooto-you evolution, he’s talking nonsense, because by definition a clone has identical genetic information, while evolution requires information to increase. But there is some truth to his comment, although not in the way he meant it. As stated, evolution does lead to a moral vacuum, as admitted by atheists Lanier and Dawkins, and human cloning is very much part of this. Instead of refraining from murder, human cloning treats one class of people as disposable.


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