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Fruitless flowers do not quick student loans no cosigner have an evolutionary biological purpose. The riot of colour in Nature  predicts a bountiful, vivacious, Living Creator. VIBGYOR – WHY?

Violet is the colour of majesty – of royalty. Such people are born leaders who need a God centred heart to be benefactors rather than dictators. They make the mark for good or bad.

Indigo – is king in waiting – a very difficult posture indeed. Sometimes the king gets suspicious & jealous as it happened to David – King Saul’s SF commander. Sometimes indigo acts the king in waiting. Impatient to become king. At times unsuited & incompetent for the post, though he is 1 hour payday loans direct lender the crown prince. Wealth creators.

Blue – blue is ubiquitous or “omnipresent”. Give of themselves. Watches over with benevolence – encouragers. Barnabas.

Green – Life givers. Soothing to the eye. Carriers of healing – mercy people. Get going where need is.

Yellow – mixes with anyone. Servers, Hospitality people.

Orange – in between. ready to go …or ready to stop; but are they going. Undecided. Administrators, middle management teachers, trainers, boundary makers, line keepers.  They are quality controllers. May be sticklers who stultify.

Red – Alert, see before others, sense danger, prophetic, they cry stop – when overdone they see red in anything.


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