Day 30


In the beginning God gave children…..

Green pastures tribal lending payday loans for children to run……autumn20leaf

And cool waters for children to drink…….

And natural immunity to face infection & overcome  fever….

And many birds & animals for children to count….

butterflies & flowers for children’s enjoyment

And apples for vitamin C

Then satan substituted cartoon characters for green pastures….

And many sugary & addictive beverages confusing aggressive behavior

And many vaccines & anti pyretics to ruin natural immunity

And many digital toys that wire brain wrong & children count wrong

monsters & violence making children belligerent

And another Apple product…. That made children adults overnight

And a diagnosis of ADHD that send children into a chemical prison

God looked at this mess & mused…..

I gave children to parents & they have handed over the children to market forces



Seasons of Life

The Gospel is not God’s pathetic apology to a world much wronged (by who?). Gospel is not the placatory antidote to soothe the ill effects of man’s injustice to man. Gospel is not God’s swan song not knowing what to do. Gospel is not a retirement benefit when we have expended all our energy and time. Gospel is not the thing we turn to when there is nothing interesting in the TV & time is hanging on our hands. Gospel is the last stand of God to warn & get back people out of death track into life track. Out of offence to favour and out of wrath to mercy. Miss it & you had it. Gospel is the only motion that can get man off capital punishment when tried for treason in the courts of heaven. “Repent or Perish” rather than “Please accept lest God be sad” is the imperative of the Gospel.  Gospel is the power of God unto salvation to all who believe. When you accept the Gospel you die – He lives in you. This is not a win win situ where you get off the hook for the past & continue the past. In the law & to 100 guaranteed payday loans for bad credit the law we die. In grace we live delivered out of the law of death in our members & in our will.  Gospel is the summons to the fragrance of life for those who believe and the warrant of the aroma of death for those who reject. What an envelope we got from heaven!!



Around Christianity’s most famous mount all stood at a distance while its Founder was doing the best for all humanity while looking the worst. Barabbas was throwing  a party with the system that crucified justice & sanitised injustice. Two thieves on either side were assessing deity while one riled missing his last chance. Soldiers were smacking their blood thirsty lips torturing their victim. The Centurion counted one more scalp under his belt. Priests watched satisfied with the results of a well hatched conspiracy. What more they even got back the blood money to invest in a “holy” burial place. Judas was hanging in two parts becoming the most villainous name of all history. Mary was pierced in her heart, overcome by grief. John was too shocked to help. Peter was hiding, hanging his head in shame about his denial while the Master agonised. Simon the Cyrenian, felt pleased – a nobody helped carry the instrument of death. Joseph of Arimathea waited to give the body a decent tomb. Nicodemus ever the one to play safe waited with embalming perfumes to show respect when it would not be treason. Then all heaven broke loose…..

“Father Forgive…”

Sun eclipsed at noonday.

Earth quaked.

Justice protested.

Mercy triumphed.

A thief vindicated

A Centurion sainted.

Mat 27:54  Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God.

Trembling but triumphant

Forsaken but forgiving

Victim but victorious

Quivering but conquest

Writhing but righting

He died to rise. Death was His visa to enter hades to destroy deathly dominion. A covert divine commando operation by Captain Jesus.

Peter recovered

Mary rewarded

John jubilant

Priests scattered

Rome subdued

Demons devastated

Darkness defeated

Church constituted

Races reconciled


Loving-God-With-All-Your-Heart-copy-300x300Brain works. Heart loves. We need both. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul & mind – is Jesus’ commandment. We know our parents by love. They first loved us. God also first loves us. When we are very qualified in our own eyes, there is no room for love. I need it. Rather than I deserve it – is the basis of love. We come to know God when we are loved by God at a point we know nobody would love us if they knew all about us as God knows. Intellectual objections crumble before love. Heart gets to know Reasons of which head knows nothing. (Francis Bacon). Not by study or debate but by love when I needed it most God introduced Himself. The child who hears 51 times bad, bad , bad – acts out the condemnation and waits to be hugged back into goodness by the very parent who said – bad, bad, bad. No one else can recover. God loves to recover all. Please don’t spurn that love.


Life is an even playing field. Life does not abuse us. What game we play (Tennis or Kick Boxing) & how we play, team players we choose, and the company we keep, the choices we make – may abuse us. Abuse or misuse beyond use, is the result of eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Evil beyond Good. This may happen in medicine, Law, Nuclear power or prostaglandins – used to facilitate normal labour or kill the baby in the womb. Knowledge has given evil many powers & given tyrants & the ruthless unlimited access to wealth. Knowledge has failed to make good more powerful. So we have brain for knowledge & heart for wisdom. And if you will heart to love God & be trained in loving near & dear and also the rebels.



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