Day 27


Dishonour in our guaranteed cash advance approval words in criticising people, fault finding & gossiping opens the door for similar returns. Life is about investments & dividends. Senders & returns. Sowing & reaping. When we diminish others by our near omniscient judgement we set ourselves up for torture. Sometimes we are so competent on other people’s errors to see, analyse & opine and so blind to our own nature, one wonders if we see our reflection on God’s mirror at all. Let your spirit be the lamp of the Lord into your own inward parts. Prov 20:27. Regularly fault finding has become to some the fig leaf of Eden, a fragile cover that withers in a day – necessitating finding more faults of others to make the cover up for the next day. We have to get relief from our inward condemnation to overcome our outward projections


Honouring & Belittling

  1. When you honour those to whom honour velocity payday loans should be given or the commands & promises of God, their weight of glory comes to you as God’s reward
  2. Then you also can make light of a problem or issue or enemy action or insult. The effect of such on you will dwindle
  3. When you give weight to a problem a bad thing, it will grow in your life
  4. When you belittle those whom you should honour or make light the service of the Lord or His covenants you will dwindle.

We love to reminisce on another’s error – feeling vindicated from our misdemeanours. His debt paid dividends for me. In any conflict we justify ourselves – she was worse. Another’s debt cannot be my capital – is what the tertiary debt crash in USA taught us. Relational debt needs capital investment from at least one party across the divide – social, ethnic or marital. God is the Best i need cash today Capital who pays debt grudges across all relational divides while humans do eyeball to eyeball, tooth to tooth, tit for tat & butter for fat. Shylock is well & alive in each one of us. Mercy triumphs over justice. Justice is better than injustice – when we prosecute. But mercy is better than justice – we will say when we are the accused.

As humans we fall short all the time – fathers & mothers, husbands & wives, sons & daughters, masters & servants, politicians & polity, doctors & lawyers. How well I did & how far short he fell is how we remember. Compared to her I did not fall that short. Eric Liddell  showed us it is human to fall – it is divine to arise from the fall and run again. It needs supernatural help. Those who do not expect to fall don’t need God & can judge others like ‘God’.

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