Day 26



Explaining life without God easy loans for bad credit is worse than

Explaining biological information without DNA

Explaining earth without gravity

Explaining computers without silicon chip

Explaining poetry without words

Explaining Tale of Two Cities without Miss Manette

Explaining Russia without Putin

Explaining cricket without the ball

Explaining chess without king.

Explaining British democracy without Parliament

Playing Hamlet without prince





Every man & woman craves for improvement. The blueprint for progress is in us given by the Heavenly Father. The best vision is when what God deposited in us lights up our heart’s eye. We work without the Designer & His manual, get hurt & stagnant and blame the whole world including 100 day loan fees God. People who never trusted also ask, “Why God?” when bad things happen. In a chance universe there is no “why” – all is by chance. Our stewardship is to develop the God given potential in our juniors who come under our hand in our field of expertise. The God potential in each one provides for oneself and space for others.

Improvement or deterioration is in our mouth for us & others. Criticism, sarcasm, satire, cynicism, vitriol, bad mouthing, negativisms, fatalisms, tongue in the cheek will not improve our child and will not improve our government, cricket team – school or national, our boss online bills or spouse. If we bless for the benefits we have – misfits will diminish. If we curse, lack will increase. Some groan that the child was too hungry to go to school. Others groan that a player missed the vital catch fielding at cover point. It’s man’s unequal distribution of what God liberally gave.

Vision improves anyone’s performance & self worth. Vision is seeing God’s potential in you. Vision is eyes in the heart. Work improves when the worker has a vision. One laid bricks – the other was building a cathedral. castigation does not improve quality of output. inspiration does.

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