DAY 25


Doing the right thing 12 month loans for unemployed may not get a write up, photos or advert. Doing the right thing is an inner compulsion. Doing the right thing is not for others to see but that you may know who you are as God’s Child – Precious. Doing the right thing for the famous & for the least. Doing the right thing may or may not change others but it keeps you from corrupting. Doing the right thing is as important as thinking & saying the right thing. Right thing may not be the prevailing opinion. Right thing is always right – reciprocated, appreciated or depreciated.  Of course the right thing has a plumb line. As Triple Zero Scale for Diamond, right has a yardstick – His name is long term unsecured loans God. Diamonds shine in the dark as do stars. Even darkness serves to show up right.

Right direction

When is judgement good? When Christ died on the cross & finished it, God entered judgement in our favour – acquitted upon our confession of faith. Jesus took every insult & agony silently and said while dying “Father Forgive”. They are guilty. I forgive – judgement in our favour. We are also given to judge our own sin – Father forgives. In this judgement the Great Advocate mediates piece. Just deserts prescribed by law ended in Christ – to heaven’s eternal anthem holy, holy, holy & Glory, glory, glory could be added Grace, grace, grace.

Living with a shortfall is anguish. payday loans no work verification Life is on the burner. Shortfall may be what you exact – my father did not do what he should do for me. Or it may be what you owe – I did not make best use of my opportunities. Woe is me. Shortfall may be actual or just your perception. Either way shortfall like debt accrues interest & demands payback – you from others, you from yourself, others from you. Let’s pronounce the year of Jubilee on all who “owe” payback. No more Shylock, deadlock or any lock. I am free I am free from being driven to perform, please – no more payback. And others are free from all “ought” I hold against others



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