Day 22


Two together make strong cement for lasting relationships pay day loan store in a world so much is in flux. Instant has replaced constant. Let’S lower our threshold for thank you. That honours humblest labours of wife or servant. He becomes equal partner when you thank him. Too many options have made even children thankless. Having seen the labour of tea pluckers & labourers close at hand I want say thank you to generations of menial labourers who made Sri Lanka famous for its brew. Whom can you upgrade in life with athank you – word & deed. See the gratfying chain reaction. Start with parents


Gratitude begets thankfulness and makes room for more for yourself and room for others in your life & in your blessing. Gratitude is a good conductor of every blessing of God. More we are the less we think we are. Gratitude, grace, gratis, gracious are quite the other end of grunt, grudge, growl, grief. Every step has a vertical side you climb & the horizontal on which you stand. Vertical is the effort. Horizontal is gratitude. When you achieve & arrive on a pedestal, take time to look back with gratitude to those who helped you and look up payday advance richmond va with gratitude to God who blessed your effort. Then you will live on bounty. “I deserve better” is a quick recipe to loose what you have.

Value you give the Saviour returns to add value to you. Undervalue Him – you loose value. None can value add to you like the One who died for you. This precious deposit we commit to faithful others who will pass on the treasure of the Pearl of Great price. Do not get our parameters of worth from human adulation. they are hear today gone tomorrow. His worth in me increases even when the world goes into recession. Dollar may fail, Euro may crash – but Saviour’s currency does not fail.


Goals & values can be at set at variance. Do you sacrifice values for goals? In other words does the end justify the means? Success is always goal oriented. Some may feel Values are an end by themselves. To achieve our goals we have to adjust our values – correct? Or incorrect? Vision has a goal. Vision must have values. Have you given up on former values to be ‘successful’?

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