Day 21


Zeal is safe only when highest love get a cash advance becomes its fuel. Zeal has to be committed. It’s a flame in every human. what fans & fuels the flame decides the outcome of the flame = zeal. Zeal outwears knowledge & human reason & temperance. Zeal will demand you consume someone, something or yourself. Devote your zeal to its Author. Zeal must go to the One who deserves and to Him for whom zeal was created. Zeal has too much fire for us humans to consume. He will make your tongue a ready writer of virtue and your talent a flame payday loans long beach ca to warm the cold. Religion & science have made misguided zealots.


Meekness is not weakness. When you are strong nobody can threaten you. In facing adversity meekness will rule. Meekness is power & authority kept in check. Knowledge puffs pride. One sees afar meekness of wisdom. Wise are meek. Meek gather wisdom. They learn by watching & are teachable, mouldable, pliant & flexible. One who knows most can afford to keep quiet. A full pot keeps water still. Quater full is turbulent

In life we are birthed (like paternity)or appointed cash advance payday loan software to office which has authority for function – inappropriately called power. When conscious of being appointed to power abuse is inevtable. But when conscious of functioning in an appointment we want to be faithful & accountable. Little doses of power acts just like little doses of heroin in the corporate or in politics. Religious power & secular power are equally intoxicating. Rasputin & Czar and mant since then prove the point. Everyvrude word & any daily disposition of despotism needs to be resisted if we are to avoid addiction.

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