Designer Daughters


“Like a lily among thorns, so is my love among the loans for 18 year old daughters.” Song of Solomon 2:2

We want to thank our merciful God for gathering us together to minister to women in need. We thank God for the team effort and the work that has gone into building up the kingdom of God . Many have contributed of their own substance towards this ministry and it has been God’s good pleasure to save their families and to fill their homes with peace and joy. We also have plans of bringing families together once a month to introduce them to Jesus. We also want to thank God for the morning cell meetings and for the many who have come to know the saving grace of Jesus through them.


God considers the sparrow & the swallow. I cannot be where I am today, if that were not so. God saved my life on 23 rd July 1983 when all hell broke loose in Colombo with the racial riots. I was caught in the middle of it. A young girl having come from Badulla. I was on the road trying to get to my residence by bus. Yet the Lord saved my life, when I really did not know Him. Yet He knew me.

My husband and I have been blessed with three daughters. We began life with nothing but our jobs. Making ends to meet was difficult. Our parents were not rich. Early in our married life we came to know the Lord Jesus in a new and a living way. He became our Friend and Shepherd. Today we own our house – a miracle made possible by God’s help. At each turn, when I changed my position my employers increased my pay.

Healed of Heart Ailment

Twice my husband fainted at work and was warded in the intensive care unit of a private hospital. The doctors suspected a disturbance in the rhythm of the heart. Yet they could not diagnose even after 72 hours of continual monitoring. When the fainting occurred a second time, we thought it would be a life long cardiac ailment. Our children were so young. We need cash today bad credit desperately cried out to the Lord. If you have had your husband collapsing at work, you would know the anguish I suffered. Yet the Lord was merciful, when doctors did not know how to tackle the problem. They suspected a Sick Sinus Syndrome, which usually needs a cardiac pacemaker. The Lord completely healed him. He has not had those dreaded attacks ever again. God was merciful to our young family.

Business Crises

Sri Lanka ‘s problems made my principles to divert business to other Asian countries. The Lord gave me a plan. I flew to London and studied the garments export proposals. I prayed and asked the Lord to help me to cut costs and make a proposal that would keep the contract in Sri Lanka . I was amazingly helped. We continued to get our quota.

With the airport attack, our company was in dire straits again. I prayed to the Lord knowing that the British company would retrench the locals and keep the expats. Two days after my prayer about my predicament, my boss in UK sent me an email. It said – Cynthia, do not worry about your post. Do not look for other jobs. We have decided to retrench some of the expat staff and make you the head of the office. I could not believe my eyes as to how quickly the Lord answered my prayers.

Child Healed of Rare Allergy

My youngest daughter was prone to severe asthma attacks that caused us to admit her to hospital a couple of times. To add to this she developed a peculiar allergy when her skin would produce big bumps even to touch and get breathing difficulty because of the larynx swelling up. This was a life threatening condition. Doctors called this angio-neurotic oedema. In our desperation we cried to the Lord. I want to thank God that the condition has completely healed. God is so good. What He did for us He will do for you, if you cry out to the Lord. God asks for nothing but our humility.

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